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  1. Not A Teepee #9 is up and running. And it's a good 'un! A first by Debutant, a return of Ashley Park, Kitchen Cynic and Tiny Bike (Welfare Mothers). And LOADS of other good stuff. TWELVE songs folks, twelve songs. We've already got 9 albums, quite a feat. And it's all FREEEEEEEE!
  2. You silly boy There's no bonus track, but there is a hidden file, a printable, foldable, glueable cd cover. Anyone care to give us some feedback on the project so far?
  3. The 3rd release by Not A Teepee is now online, featuring nothing but heroes from the Aberdeen music scene. Free for download or online streaming. Enjoy! Ada Lovelace | not a teepee Oh and join us on facebook to get all the info: Not a teepee - Musician/Band - Record Label: not a teepee | Facebook
  4. Cheers!!! The new one will be out end of this month, I hope Ashley Pee's on that one too.
  5. If you like Ashley Park: check out the second release of Not A Teepee... Ashley Park is on it under a different moniker (Craig Henderson). Different stuff but equally brilliant! not a teepee
  6. not a teepee #2: Vikings NOW AVAILABLE for download or streaming: not a teepee - vikings Enjoy. Let us know what yous think!
  7. Thanks for the kind words... You can join us on Facebook too if you want to be kept up to speed on future releases...
  8. Awesome! I saw them live over here a few months ago, this was by far my fave gig of the year. Although Megafaun was awesome too, try to get them! The youtube stuff is really sweet but does not even remotely do justice to the live gigs. Really nice people too. They played on and on, really enjoying themselves and playing lots longer than they were supposed to. They closed off with a cappella stuff, getting the opening act back on stage for that too.
  9. I was pretty sure to get a respons from you. And I was even more sure you would have the real deal
  10. Anyone here ever use a bigsby (whammy bar/tremolo arm) clone? I'm very likely gonna buy an SG copy, thinking of installing a bigsby. But since the guitar isn't the real deal (but sounds sweet) I'm not too keen on spending that much money on a real bigsby. Anyone?
  11. ... hold on... You watch... porn?
  12. I know it's the pictures thread but the Abbath folks in this thread might like YouTube - Abbath don't feel like dancing I thought it was hilarious :-)
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