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  1. Thats as good as it gets for me man, the old ones are the best.
  2. She spends the whole night being picked up and fingered by strangers, she gets dumped in the gutter, and keeps comin back for more.
  3. Really idol_wild? In that case, what does your mum and a bowling ball have in common?
  4. They certainly never! Mind you, my assistant is bloody hot, and that keeps my hands busy under the table, so no need for porn anyway at the moment, until she leaves that is
  5. Yes I do, it's the joys of being Hierarchy.
  6. Wow really? Yeh, that'll probably beat my 0.9ltr Ka then right enough
  7. Point taken, sorry Dad. Argument is officially over, on my behalf anyway as I'm getting bored!
  8. I don't mind that you think I'm a twat, you can't get on with everyone. But you are the one being the child with the name calling, and I'm sorry but it doesn't bother me, and it just makes you look, well, kinda pathetic to be honest
  9. Well I apologise if it offended, certainly wasn't my intention.
  10. My one is faster! I hope now after saying that anyways. he he
  11. Oh no, do you really, oh my god i'm so sorry, I can't survive knowing that, please, please forgive me oh holy one
  12. Am i bothered a fuck you have pulled me up on it, eh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It's my opinion, I'll uphold it
  13. I have to admit, maybe I'm a prick for thinking this way but, I work hard to look after and protect my children, they are number one, as long as they safe and well that is my priority, it is not my responsibility to worry and concern myself with others children just because I'm a parent. I was horrified as well believe me, the guy should be locked in a room with his victims and they should be allowed to kick him to death as he's an evil sick bastard. That is my view, but I'm a sick fucker, I enjoy having a laugh and taking the piss out of most things!
  14. Bus drivers are total wankers, they think they are important cause they drive something big and need a few tickets to do it! But in fact they are thick as shit and only drive buses as they are not inteligent enough to do anything else
  15. Are you getting shirty cause he widened your hoop?
  16. We had a teacher at School who has been all over the papers during the last decade, because it turns out he was a pedo bum boy, by the name of Paul Firth! He was a scout leader and used to take boys into the countryside and abuse them. He scared the shit out of me, but looking back he was probably pretty horrible to me as he didn't want to drill my ass. In fact, there are a few people on this very site who used to go on trips with him, and have probably lost the ability to do a noisey fart due to Paul Firth!
  17. Well a little tip, keep it that way, and never have any. he he
  18. Does wanking in the corner facing the floor make it better, or does it just widen the imagination for the wank bank? This is such a learning experience for me, wow.
  19. Ah now thats a plan, never tried that. . . . . . . .nope tried, still just Davie Dodds there in the old memory bank. He looks pretty sweet in just brown Y-fronts though!
  20. Not even if you only having material of Davie Dodds mid 80's?
  21. I can't get access to porn sites at my work, so easier in fact. WOOOOO
  22. Do you have kids? Yeh to an adults eyes they may be shit, I'll give you that! But my kids love them, all the ones that aren't wrecked that is. All I hear about from my little ones for days after is about Story Book Glen, they love the place, it's a great way for them to interact with the countryside and keep them interested and occupied for hours on end. They certainly don't think its shit, and at the end of day it is meant for them.
  23. A group of us has set up a bogus account on Plenty of fish, pretending to be Thomas lang, you wouldn't believe how easy it is to get naked pics of birds on that site! lol
  24. But then I wouldn't get honey for my favourite Total honey and natural yoghurt desert, I say bee's stay, Original Spies fuck off! he he
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