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  1. Heres a worse one, someone with a cronic dose of the shits was there beforehand, and also missed the pot! MMH, nice!
  2. You can come to my work and see me, I'm nice! Or go to the beach for a wank, there are endless possibilities!
  3. Yeh but they are to busy trying to keep there hands of the pissy floor to vomit with accuracy
  4. If you are saying that to your 9 year old your in for a lot of problems! he he I am the coolest dad in the World, she just thinks I'm a twat! Honestly, you can't win.
  5. It really is, if only she thought I was as cool as I think I am I'd be a happy man! I never thought I would be an uncool parent. But guess thats the law
  6. Ha, Good memory! No I bailed on it, I just didn't feel the time was right for her, it would have been a big responsibility, maybe to big at her age. I'm still trying to get it into her head that playing drums is the way to go to get her mind off it, but unfortunately she think all my mates are true Rock stars, and I'm just a loser who sits behind tubs! But, I've not given up on her yet
  7. I think I'm gonna camp out there with Lame Guitarist, and when the boys approach I'm gonna let him rape them, that'll teach them! Sorry don't wanna make light of this though, it's a serious issue to me, My kids were genuinely disappointed, and that makes me pissed off!
  8. Well yeh I can see where your coming from, but the point I was trying to make was they actually make plans to go and do it, there is no other reason for them to be there.
  9. Even from Maryculter you'd be looking 10-15 mins walk, over the bridge another 10-15 mins, I'd say walking half an hour to destroy something to be an conserted effort!
  10. I have no idea how they could protect it anymore than it is! The worst thing for me is this place is miles from anywhere really, it's not like it appears on kids when they are out, they have to actually make a conserted effort to get there.
  11. I used to go as a boy as well, and loved it, now i want my kids to enjoy it! I agree a lot of the equipment is passed it's best, but they have made a real effort recently to repaint a lot of the attractions, and have added quite a few new ones. The last thing it needs is twats going in causing mindless destruction.
  12. I know this ain't very Rock N Roll, but I had my little ones out to Story Book Glen yesterday, and the place has been wrecked by vandals, really pissed me off. What is the point in wrecking something that is so popular for families in Aberdeen. Snow White had had her arms ripped off, now that is pretty much my dream (imagine what you could do to a lass with no arms?), but in this instance it made me bloody angry! It's no wonder places like The Glen and Doonies etc are closing when they aren't treated with the respect they deserve! Sorry for boring everyone, but this has really fucked me off!
  13. Even more annoying is guys who just can't hit the bowl at all! Come round and piss all over your floor, and don't make any attempt to clean it up, then you go through in the middle of the night and stand right in it! Dirty bastards
  14. Man, I'm stuck in the middle of an open plan, it's roasting, and the fat twat (even fatter than me) won't stop farting cause he had a curry last night! This is what it must be like to live in Sandilands
  15. Tell you what really does my box in, and it happens all the time! Is during a live football game, when someone comes in late, and says " Is that the score" to the little score box on the top of the screen! Of course it is for fuck sake, do people think Sky etc put it there for a laugh! Sorry, it bugs me! That is all
  16. Thats fair doo's, but you also wouldn't win any football games! Much the same as now. he he
  17. I think Harvey Price should get the job!
  18. Anyone with more than 5 green bars in Reputation on this thread, with the exception of Milner, Unbroken and Calum is a total Japroni, Dobber and an outright cock!
  19. Well maybe that was that one guy I targeted with the question, are you only allowed to ask a question on here when 10 people can give you sufficient answers? In any case I found out the information I required! So your argument seems pretty dead in the water. And I didn't come on here for an argument with you, I wanted genuine information, not in depth just basic info, it's my business how I go about getting it!
  20. Heard rumours Willie Miller fancies it himself, how bigga disaster would that be? As a non Aberdeen supporter I'd find it funny as fuck! Richardson could be a good shout, at least he'd be a 100% Aberdeen man
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