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  1. i notice samL4 called him "tout". i think everyone agrees that's a much filther, nastier insult than "cunt" in this case though, both insults are factually correct
  2. bastard. some fat cunt's finished the enormous box of maltesers
  3. that's just pure mean. it's not my fault pa used to beat on me when he was drunk
  4. hip hop's nae my thing so i'll give this a wide berth. unless the kaisers go all hip hop on my ass cos they can do no wrong
  5. why would it be a wind up? phonics are ace. brilliant at AECC couple o weeks ago
  6. why thankyou i only speak the truth french disko's comment is worthy of mention too
  7. Indie King

    Getting thin!

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm celery sticks.... i'd rather not eat to be honest! thankfully apples taste good. there's loads of lists of similar foods that use more calories than it contains - probably worth a look.
  8. ...and then sell them on ebay for 40 a go....
  9. Indie King

    Getting thin!

    eat apples. if you're hungry between meals, eat an apple. great to keep the hunger at bay (for a while anyway). I read somewhere once that when you eat an apple you burn more calories than the apple contains. magic way of weaning yourself from snacking between meals.
  10. someone brought in a massive box of maltesers to work today, got me thinking how fucking amazing they taste. i also love: lion bar yorkie toffee crisp m&m's (chocolate) minstrels...
  11. hitting a female is unacceptable... unless she nicks a chip off you after a night out
  12. two words. 'kaiser' and 'chiefs'
  13. call it what you will, but for a few minutes i was set free and my voice was heard. i am the happiest man alive
  14. I always have i predict a riot by the kaisers stuck in my head. it's a legendary tune though, so i'm not bothered
  15. did you pay money for this? it seriously looks like a few stripes on ms paint or possibly photoshop if he's being funcy. don't get it at all
  16. all my prayers have now been answered - i'm back live on this amazing forum. i'd like to thank my mum, my dad, and most of all, cloud.
  17. thought the loophole was obvious - posting on the technical forum ya spoon
  18. cannae make this tonight. gutted - i've heard frightened rubbit are ace live
  19. when this ban will be lifted...? i've found a loophole, but don't worry, i'm not going to exploit it. this solitary confinement hasn't been nice. dave still believes in corporal punishement (as well as other more sordid punishments)
  20. i got 1 for (rightly) calling someone a "twat" although in retrospect, it may have been for "persistent fouling"
  21. these tunes are mostly good - vocals don't sound right with the music though as said by most on here already
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