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jacko verdict in one hour

Guest Bob Double Jack

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cleared on all ten charges.....i take back what i said after giving it much thought... i think he may have just been a victim and an easy target...yes i think he may have gone too far but in his mind he may have just been living the childhood he never had.

My mum made the best comment ever - "i WANT to know if he gets charged but i NEED to know if Jayne goes into the love shack with Fran!"

my mother eh?

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i think as long as he spends a suspicious amount of time alone with vulnerable kids then he'll continue to be accused of things for money. he needs help of some kind i think, he doesn't seem well either mentally or physically just now and now that he is innocent i think it's time for him to reflect and concentrate on sorting out his financial problems i guess.

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My theory is that his complete absence of childhood due to his fame as made him very child like and therefore he wants to spend time with other children, I don't think it's anything sexual or malicous.

He definitely needs some kind of psychological help though to hep him realise that sharing beds with other peoples children isn't appropriate behaviour.

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