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Is it just me....


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And on a nerdier note' date=' I think the thing in the film is his cape's made of a semi-rigid fabric that solidifies when an electrical current is bassed through it, so it can be used for gliding.[/quote']

Still, that shit must be a pain to carry around everywhere.

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Guest Logan

Holy funniest picture ever Batman!!!

And by the by, it's not a freakin' prequel! It has nothing to do with the lesser Batman movies (Burton's was alright).

This is a stand alone franchise. The next movie apparently has The Joker in it with Batman needing the help of district attorney Harvey Dent to take the Joker in, and in the third movie, it's The Joker who scars Harvey's face with acid making him Two-Face. Well, that's a sort of plan anyways. See how they don't kill off villains? Hmm Burton? Hmm?????

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