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Improvements/ideas for a cd cover


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I agree with the above suggestions....if the photo doesn't stretch, how about flipping it, as a mirror image of itself, so the 2 photos touch?? Then add the text over the image, as Swingin' Ryan says.

Also agree with Keilan...the band name would be better read if placed horizontally (or maybe in a gentle arc, with the title in an arc going the other way, so the 2 lines form an oval shape?????

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Ok, thanks all for you're feedback, its all been taken on board. Not even one person who has just dragged the thread into a meaningless arguement, quality.

Back to le drawing board to work on it.


Hog :cheers:

Zeenat, although In theory I agree with you're idea, I did plan trying to sell it to at least one person :D

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Guest Zeenat Aman

Zeenat' date=' although In theory I agree with you're idea, I did plan trying to sell it to at least one person :D[/quote']

I can think of one joyous person who'd buy it with that cover. :

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incidentally i noticed as part of go north the soma label is doing a workshop in snafu including the design aspect of the music business. i know they're a dance/hip hop label but i'm sure everyone could get some ideas from it. might be worth checking it out.

i like the flaming skull but the writing is a bit too neon on that one. it's all a bit garish. maybe simplify the whole design there. the first one was pretty good, but needs something else. it looks like it's been knocked up in five minutes. i'm not trying to be mean, just being honest. i'm not sure what you could do to improve that design though either, maybe change the font to a more classic one and ditch the twisting letters. try moving the writing down to the bottom left and making it smaller as well, going left to right for both the artist and title. let the picture draw them in and then they'll notice the writing. the picture is bright and neon enough to reflect the title so the text can afford to be less colourful. a good font is always key to a good design as well.

hope that gives you some ideas, they might not make it better but it's just what came to me while looking at it.

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Guest haigyman

i think the "Element" should be moved to the left slightly in Keilan303's effort

i don't think the "Element 106" is centralised and it would help create a gap between "Element" and "106"

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out of curiosity' date=' did you rip off a Relapse Records CD cover or did you stick in ther Relapse logo for shits and giggles??[/quote']

lol, I noticed that too. We might be heavier now but phew Relapse is for the grindmerchants. Nice cover though!

Perhaps...Nuclear Blast, Century Media...Hogtasticpornlaidredwine records?

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