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  1. Alesis DM5 Drum Module I am selling this on eBay here: Alesis DM5 Drum Module / Brain / Machine on eBay (end time 19-Feb-10 23:56:14 GMT) I am in Peterhead so if anyone from Aberdeen buys it, I can deliver it to you the next time I am in Aberdeen. If you would rather not use eBay, please feel free to make me an offer either in this thread or via private message.
  2. I am selling a set of drum triggers - DDrum Red Shot Triggers Full set of 5 triggers (1 bass drum trigger, 4 normal triggers) Please note, the scratches you see in the picture are on the plastic box - the triggers themselves are basically brand new. The box is open but only one of the triggers has ever been on a drum, and it wasn't even really used at all. I am selling them on ebay here: DDRUM Red Shot 5x Trigger Set - Brand New Cond. on eBay (end time 14-Feb-10 21:02:41 GMT) I'm in Peterhead so if anyone from Aberdeen buys them I can deliver them for free whenever I am in Aberdeen next. If you don't use ebay, then feel free to make me an offer on here, either in this thread or by private message.
  3. I read this book 4 years ago. It was awesome and because of this thread, I am going to read it again.
  4. Haha, yeah that was hilarious. I have a recording of the whole duracell set. If anyone wants it send me a PM
  5. Duracell tonight was pretty much the best thing ever.
  6. Duracell tonight is going to be pretty much the best thing ever.
  7. Don't worry. If you didn't believe in God when you were 'christened' then it is null and void by default. With regards Mormonism, Ask them how they can preach to you to have moral values, when their founder, Joseph Smith had 80 wives.
  8. Hahaha, I can see why this is so popular.
  9. Hahaha, I can see why this is so popular.
  10. This is the best thing in the entire world.
  11. If you can be assed, ebay will make you your fortune.
  12. Like Craig B said. I don't understand why MP3 players always seems to break. I mean, come on, there are no moving parts. What is there to go wrong? I am on my third minidisc player, bot only because I upgraded from MD to NetMD to HiMD. My first minidisc player, a Sony, is about 7 years old, and still works perfectly. The battery needs to be held in with some tape, and I've had to replace the headphones obviously, but the thing has had some abuse in its life and survived. It was thrown about in schoolbags and dropped on hard ground many times. The thing is full of tiny fragile delicate moving parts, yet to this day it has never failed. For the forseeable future I would rather have a HiMD player than any MP3 player. I don't care what anyone says. The discs are 1Gb, which is nothing compared to an average iPod, but care, I have 30 albums on it, 200Mb of files on it, and it still has a good bit of space left on the one disc. The sound quality is indistinguishable from my mates iPod with the same tracks converted and uploaded from the same MP3 files. My minidisc player also has a removable rechargeable battery, and it can take regular AA's too. In your face every iPod owner who has ever had battery trouble. However. Software. wtf. When will the manufacturers realise that nobody cares about anything other than moving files from their computer onto their portable music player of choice. All the software I have seen/used is simply awful. iTunes, SonicStage, whatever. Why can't they just allow you to drag and drop MP3 files onto the player akin to using a USB flash drive or something similar? Why force the users to use terrible, bloated, slow, buggy, terrible software? I use SonicStage for my minidisc player out of necessity and can live with it, but it could be so much simpler and streamlined without losing any functionality that anyone actually uses/cares about. (I don't know what the deal is with Creative Zens. Are they just as bad?) Anyway, I still can't understand why MP3 players always break. The components they use must fucking suck.
  13. Calum, in your phopto, you have made some sort of attempt to look 'cool', but failed unimaginably badly.
  14. The world will end. But after Neighbours.
  15. That was the worst post in the history of all posts. Please ban yourself. Thank you.
  16. I hate the word cocoa. Like, what the hell is the a doing?
  17. But Keira' date=' my hair is none of these colours: [img']http://img395.imageshack.us/img395/4533/textbillhaircolours3pk.gif
  18. I hate it when good threads die. I hate it when bad threads don't. And I hate it when people say "alot" instead of "a lot".
  19. What is this thread about? infoplzkthxbye
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