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  1. Teh song they did with the guy from Clutch was cool. But only because the guy from Clutch was on it. Recognise.
  2. don't be a pussy, write your own song! It can be as hard or as difficult as you like - I do it all the time.
  3. Unsuprising. The Dangerfields have always been lacking in talent in my opinion, especially if thrown into a professional arena.
  4. Just order a new pair or quad of valves (important top get them matched, valve amps work with valves in pairs) and buy a new fuse or two and stick 'em in. it's real easy, and your amp will work again. If it is still fucked after that, then take it to a tech.
  5. They are Clutch, but pop-lite and gay looking.
  6. http://www.deadenstereo.com/mp3/The Ideas We Have of God.mp3 Cheers big ears. In fact, I just listened to the song to check the link. I forgot how good my band was. I rule.
  7. Aye, there's one of deadensteeo on there - specially dedicated to all the deadenstereo whores up there in Aberdeen.
  8. For guitar I have found Vox wahs to be nicer sounding than Crybabies.
  9. I'm only posting so this get to the top again. I'm sorry.
  10. I have no idea. I'm going bring my mp3 player and lay some tunes on you bunch of northern hill-billies though.
  11. Welcome Ladies & Gentillle-men, to a deadenstereo public service anouncement: First off, we tour. The "Welcome To Our Party" Tour will be winging it's drink, petrol, and bankruptcy filled way across Scotland over the next few weeks and months. Stopping in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth, Inverness, and Fort William, it will also be pitching canvas at Aberdeen's Moorings Bar next Friday (June the 10th) where the kind chaps at the AUBL have degined to let us entertain the salty seamen clientele of the moorings with a night solely dedicated to the wonders of our musical performance, rapid-fire on stage babble, and general spelling mistakes all round. Fot those that speak English, we're playing, noone else is, therfore we'll play for a long time. You may even think it's 1977 when we get stuck into a cover or two. The AUBL guys will be dj'ing and we will be a-partying all night long. Maybe some of you seedy internet posters can take us to some other places of ill-repute? Secondly, we pass our message to you in a second field - the visual! We've completed our music video for the track 'Storyteller" and it is available on our site and on our soon-to-be-forthcoming cds (which may or may not be ready for the gigs. It is in Satan's hands). So if you want to watch it: http://www.deadenstereo.com/Storyteller.rm It's in Real Media format, so if you don't have it - www.real.com Thanks for your time. I apologise for my new writing style, but I'm trying to impress the chicks.
  12. PRS guitars are nice, but I don't like the connotations afforded to them by all the American rock bands who play them.
  13. in no order - Kyuss - Welcome to Sky Valley Alice in Chains - Dirt Faith No More - The Real Thing REM - Best of (the old 80s one) Dinosaur Jr. - Bug
  14. where did maxi get banned from?
  15. remember microphones are 10 a penny on ebay. a condensor mic might be an option.
  16. I've owned a JMP MKII 50W head and recorded with the JCM800 version of it. Both are quality amps - good sounds - they cut across well live and have balls. I did find I needed an attenuator or extreme volume to get the best from them. Difficult to get clean sounds without hiss once you have it cranked up, even using pedals. I found the best sound came from cranking the amp and rolling back your guitar volume to get the clean sound, then boosting it with a pedal to gte the "channel change" thing. These were single channel amps though. I've never had a DSL or TSL head, but whenever I've seen bands using them I've always been impressed with their tone and ability to sit nicely in the mix. A DSL50 goes for 350 on ebay - good amp for a good price.
  17. deadenstereo @ The Moorings, Friday June 10. an AUBL night featuring the one and only deadenstereo, bereft of other bands to pad out the evening so expect a double set. We'll be promoting new single "Storyteller" and trying to impress the women of Aberdeen so we have somewhere to stay for the night......
  18. That's a band we've been likened to in the past.... www.deadenstereo.com/mp3/The%20Ideas%20We%20Have%20of%20God.mp3
  19. clang twang splang - the sound of a single coiled guitar. They have this ice pick sound that cuts over the top of the distortion. I mean, some guys don't like Les Pauls, but then again some guys don't like girls either...... Nah, I'm just fucking with you. Everyone has different tastes, but as far as rocking out goes - I reckon it's gotta be a Les Paul or some other thick solid bodied humbucker guitar. For me the gain sounds are more important than the clean sounds. Single coil guitars sound real nice clean, but I can get a pretty nice clean from my Les Paul, and once I kick in the gain - there's no place for single coils....
  20. Take it back, tell them it sucks and buy a Les Paul. Problem sorted. But on a more serious note - there is no sustain because it is a plinky plonky fender with a funky ass bridge. It's a thin piece of wood made for chicken-pickin or surf or something. Squealing - it's single coils - gonna happen. But seriously, take it back tell them it sucks and order a Gibson SG from Sound Control which are 499 just now. Bad-ass guitars at a real good price.
  21. I got it for 250 second hand. It's actually on ebay just now cos my Mesa has crapped out and I need to get it fixed, plus pay a few bills..... I will get another in future though. The guy is also making a version of it for a stereo amp - basically a 2x1W all valve dual mono bloc amp that has an RCA input (for our Ipod/Iriver or cd payer or something) and a pair of speaker outs.
  22. The sound is somewhere between a Marshall and an Orange - very nice sound. About as loud as PArk practice amp. I have it hooked up to a Matamp 1x12" with a vintage 30 - it's the cab under it in the photo
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