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  1. Jon is taking his girlfriend to Paris for their valentines, so is going to be out of the country. Sorry Brian. I would apologise for him, but I have to go vomit. Got anything else?
  2. We miss the hookers and sailors and would like to ocme back so I can visit Grampian police headquarters again.
  3. You can get one for less. Check the adverts by the shops in Guitarist magazine or something. They are F-Ugly though. Buy a tokai. I had one, a Korean model, but it played beautifully and sounded cool too. Was cash strapped, so off it went. They go for about £200 on ebay. Don't pay £500 for any epiphone.
  4. Have a look at a pedal called The Machine by Zvex. It makes a weird kind of crossover distortion that is the only thing I've seen that will cut through a fuzz. Basically, you have your fuzz on, then you turn this on and it makes this insanse distortion cut right through over the fuzz. www.zvex.com - they have a video you can watch.
  5. You can listen to the song at www.myspace.com/deadenstereo Yup. Pain to use live, but it's nice. Whack on some reverse delay, and it's very nice. Lots of stuff on Adore by the Smashing Pumpkins uses the ebow, as does the intro to The Unforgiven by Metallica.
  6. I pissed off Maxi's edinburgh lady friend by talking about all the meat I eat. She is a veggie in denial and I showed her the error of her ways. Maxi showed her his weenie.
  7. I got it off a guy on the Harmony-Central Amp Forum. Couldn't really afford it, but neither could I pass up such a killer deal....
  8. yeah, it's pretty loud. It has a master volume on the back though - a kid of attenuator. The cab is from the same company. they're cool - check 'em out - www.matamp.co.uk
  9. I just got my custom Matamp MiniMat today. It's a 2W head with a footswitchable boost (built around an MXR Microamp) and a DI. As you can see, it's handbuilt. As for sounds: It has a lovely palette of clean sounds to go through. It overdrives nicely, though to get more than a light crunch you'll need a pedal. The boost is nice to add more presence/ a bit more overdrive. It's a bit honky full up, but roll it down to 3/4s and it's all groovy. Anyway it's cool, and I shall spend the afternoon worshipping the "BULL GOD". Craig p.s. That's my new Gibson Flying V too - which is a sweet guitar. Picked it up for 275 earlier this week.
  10. The fact it is running EL34s means absolutely nothing. Series II rectifiers have a bias select switch on the back that allows you to set the amp for either 6L6 or EL34 - whatever is your preference This is a standard feature and having EL34s in it does not indicate that the amp is faulty. It does indicate that at some point in time the tubes have been changed as they ship with 6L6 stock. But a tube change is standard maintenance on a valve amp. Rect-O-Verbs are very nice amplifiers. I have played one myself - they have a nice 'going to tear your face off' distortion. I also reguarly speak to the main Mesa tech in the UK and he said the Rect-o-verb was the nicest of the recitifier series, and also the most reliable. Craig
  11. Guitar: Tokai Jap LS85Q Love Rock w/ Quilted top Playing Out: Marshall 6100 head -> 1970 Marshall 4x12" basketweave w/ Greenbacks Playing at Home: Matamp MiniMat Custom -> Matamp 1x12", closed back w/ Hot 100 Pedalboard: TU-2 -> Crybaby -> Big Muff -> Small Stone -> DL4 -> EH Pulsar. E-Bow
  12. They blow. Save your s for Monster Magnet next year.
  13. nah, MTV news retracted the story a day later.
  14. yes. he is a fiend. I ended up wasting on Buckfast and telling girls (generally with their boyfrineds) that they looked like sluts. Very PC.
  15. Hmmm. Since we're your bitches - give us another gig please? We had to sleep in the cold after the last one, and even McDonalds kicked us out at 9AM because we smelt like poo and beer.
  16. yeah - I'm a valve giuy myself. I think one of the best deals going around just now for features/sound vs price is a used Peavey Classic 30 combo. It is all valve, 2 footswitchable channels, is lightweight and easy to carry and regularly goes for 200 or so on ebay (used). I've owned one and would happily gig with it. They are rock/blues amps, so not for you if you play in a metal band - but they are awsome amps - much better than an AVT Marshall (which I've gigged with too)
  17. yeah, the higher wattage heads in that series have more options. I'd go for the 150W.
  18. nah, they are having supplier problems so a couple of weeks to wait.
  19. It's a valve amp, so the power is the same regardless of impedance - it'll pump 70W into whatever is presented to it. If it's not set up right as far impedances goes, it'll just pump 70W until it goes up in smokes. Solid State/Transitor amps put out different power depending on impedance. Generally, lower impedance = more power. I know that's how PA amps work anyway.
  20. DEATH MATCH! Only one can live...... Brian - if you provide the chainsaw, bat, and glass/glue I'll pour petrol on the ring after 5 minutes and do some serious immolation!
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