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  1. Hmm, our singer Dan has intimated to me that he would like to engage the singer of Which Way Now in a one to one bare knuckle boxing match. I think she'll have a good chance - he is quite stunted from doing lots of drugs
  2. Brian.... what is the Moorings bar's policy on air raid sirens being used in the building?
  3. Sorry to hear that. Prob shouldn't let your singer drive the tour-mobile in future! ;-)
  4. Longhorn once touched Jon inappropriately in a warehouse. And he liked it! We have a crew coming up for the whole weekend to watch both gigs. We'd fire up a night early... you know, warm up the punters and all, but we've got a gig in Edinburgh on the Friday night. BOOZE CRUISE
  5. A number of the members of Longhorn once touched me inappropriately in a city centre public bathroom. ... and I liked it!
  6. Personally I'm going for: Spanglegrinder - it's the essence of punk rock, no talent and no money but wanting to go out there and sing about getting fucked up! The JJ Cale one is OK, a good idea not so well implemented. They get half a vote. Videos of the band playing just bore me. Check out Feel the Pain by Dinosaur Jr - that's how a video should be done. I turned off the Which Way Now the second I saw the fade in to a group of ugly nerds hanging around on a log - so contrived and there's no way I would ever speak to such mutants in real life let alone watch their video in an aspirational "Hey I'd like the guys in this band to be my buddies but I know it can never happen cos they are rockstars and I am a humble sheeple who works at B&Q".
  7. You know what? I decided to do another update today. Craig Cuntkicker We'll address the weighty issues of "Does Dave Msutaine rock even though he looks like a girl?" and "Date rape: not always good. Sometimes great!"
  8. Just a little heads up (you know what goes in here) Sluts on Junk = No more. But a new band? What would the HERO of our story call his new band? WOMBHUNTER!
  9. Oh yeah Craig Cuntkicker Not really safe for work. Even for people in the SAS.
  10. demo track at: www.meloveyoulonghorn.com Our first gig will be at The Moorigns on Saturday December 9th..... Tell us who we sound like so we can use it in a bio.
  11. nah, we're moving to Apple Mac OS-X Sex Panther Cobra.
  12. Yeah - I was pretty happy with it. Got a sweet Gibson Flying V for 275 inc Seymour Duncan's and a case not too long ago. Oh yeah, I'm gonna be back up north gigging in a couple of months with my new rock band - Longhorn You can see why I got the bull's head on the amp now! Turner
  13. Nah, got a free t-shirt, and so did my girlfriend. And some German chocolates.... I was hoping for a VH4S too.
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