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  1. I shall be making an appearance at this fine rock outing. Electric Eel Shock are playing in Edinburgh the day after. Hmmm, looks like I have a ticket for that too. Rock on.
  2. It's worth about 400 at most - it's an amp designed for organs. You can pick up similar guitar amplifers (non-master volume JMPs) for 500 which are better amps.
  3. Here is a sample MP3 from our new recordings - The Ideas We Have of God.mp3
  4. www.deadenstereo.com New site, new recordings and more gigs. Craig
  5. I use a jekyll and hyde pedal - two channels. I use the green one in fornt of a good amp as a boost, or use both channels in fornt of a crap amp to get od, dist and boosted sounds. I also use a crybaby, boss tuner pedal (invaluable for stage), and Line 6 Delay modeller. Will pick up an EQ for solo bosts and a phaser at some point.
  6. I played it in a shop in Edinburgh, through an ENGL 4x12 at medium volume (2 or 3). I personally thought an angel had come from heaven and touched my shoulder. Nice cleans, with a good amount of dirt to be dialed in, and the hi gain stuff was intense. I liked the amp a lot.
  7. There is a Frank Zappa DVD called "Is there room for humour in music?" It's pretty damn good. An amazing version of Tied to The Whipping Post by the Allman Brothers too - sung by the gayest keyboard player imaginable. Josh Homme plays bass too.
  8. Once you realise there is 'fake' music, then things will make more sense. It takes time though.
  9. why bother? just pretend it never happened, go home and listen to Masters of Reality by Black Sabbath and learn what real music is instead of that gay hair band bulshit on the radio.
  10. I suck a lot of cock these days, but not as much as bono. http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=11worst
  11. yeah, we send in every year and never hear back, same as t-break. But hey, we'll send one in this year as well - can't hurt to try.
  12. Turns out we totally owned the bar with a full on rock assault as never ssen before in Leith. and got 200 quid for our troubles.
  13. it was around 9 months ago. The guy got arrested, that's about all I know sorry.
  14. I lived down there for a while, and there was guy who killed someone in his house, cut off his hand and walked round Great Junction Street tapping people on the shoulder with it.
  15. are you the same Ancient Mariner from HCAF?
  16. Yeah, I sold it to Jon, the singer from our band. I was going to America on holiday so had a chance to get a killer deal on a Mesa. I wasn't so keen on the Engl's mid gain sounds, plus Jon needed a decent amp, and I've always wanted a Mesa Boogie. I got it for half the used price they go for here, so even if I sell it I make 400 profit - couldn't pass the deal up. Just splashed out on a ZVex nano head too, but it hasn't been delivered yet - hopefully be there when i get home from work. Craig
  17. I just bought one of them' date=' should arrive in the post today. Bought a matamp 1x12" to play it through too [img']http://zvexamps.com/images/Nanoinhand.jpg
  18. they are playing Download festival too, original line up.
  19. How come everyone is like "yeah, my strat is great, but only since I put in new pickups/bridge/tuners/whatever"........ The same people who are proclaiming it to be such a great guitar. If you have to do all that shit to it - then it ain't so great is it? I blame single coil pickups for a lot of the world's evils.
  20. Because it makes me think of Buddy Holly. For a while I was using our bassists red stratocastor that had a white scratchplate and white pickups. There came to a point where I was too embarrased to go on stage with it (this is form a guy who used to play a pink charvel telecaster with a revrse headstock), so changed the scratchplate out for a black one, keeping the white pickups. Everyone I know thought it looked much better. Our other guitarist did the same with his telecaster - changed the white plate out for a black one - looks much better. So, as far as me, and all the people I know, the majority of people are in favour of black scratchplates. I don't like white on a guitar, unless the whole thing is white.
  21. I've never paid more than 400 for an amp. a new AVT Marshall costs more than that. And I've owned a JMP MKII Marshall, an ENGL Thunder, and now a Mesa F-50 (admmitedly a US import). But I also played 200 for a Peavey Classic 30 that has better distortion than any pedal I've played - I bet you all paid more than that for those AVT Marshalls and Laney TF series amplifiers that everyone in Aberdeen seem to use. The amp is the most important part of your guitar sound - accounts for about 80% i reckon. I can play a squire through my rig and still smoke a Gibson/AVT Marshall rig. Craig Craig
  22. pedal distortion is for pussies. Get a decent amp. Alternatively, get a Mesa V-Twin.
  23. I don't like the sound or feel of a stratocaster, and the ones with white scratchplates look gay. That's why I play a Love Rock.
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