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What else do you people play?

Peerie Trooker

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Is there anybody here that plays/listens to anything other than metal/punk/indie music? Don't get me wrong, they are all good stuff, but is there anybody out there that listens to or plays different styles? i.e. Folk/Blues/Country/Bluegrass/Classical/Jazz.....

As a 'music' site I would think there must be someone out there with a slightly different taste?

Great site by the way, very interesting and entertaining

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I LOVE Ivor Cutler ( I do 'Pussy on the mat' live, and will soon attempt 'Beautiful Cosmos'). In fact I've just spent a day or two doing a 'best-of' all his songs.....from "Who tore your trousers' to 'A Flat man'. One copy is going to Cavern Mike, who has been known to quote Cutler poems at passers-by.

(ps I like Beefheart, too, but Ivor's the man). :rockon:

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