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  1. i have the same problem. could you wipe me too?
  2. "They" was actually more directed at the promoters of the show. Not you guys.
  3. Updates AND a new tune!! GO! Blog of Death
  4. Bonesaw - Death Metal, the old way. Myspace Blog Contact me @ bonesawbazz@hotmail.com
  5. Errata's first show in at least 6years. Dr Drakes housed the destruction last time. Come down and see if the olde khunts can still GRIND!! haha It's gonna be killer!
  6. 68 new, inc delivery. From Digital Village I could be interested at a reasonable price?
  7. I like this alot, any intensions of some live performances? Releases?
  8. Impakt! is the standout track, i would agree. Dreaming this World: is it just me or does it sound like the drums are playing a different song to the rest? I get the manic angle, with rolls a plenty etc.. but the double kick certainly.. makes it sound real messy. Li(fe)ar: i was wondering how you'd pronounce/introduce that. But my queries were answered like 15sec in.. Overall though, it's defo some solid steps in somesort of direction. A Blackend Death vibe.. is what i gather. It's not doing alot for me and my personal tastes.. but nigh swan, you ain't the joke i once took you for.
  9. So i'm sick n tired of Advert Central (aka Myspace). So i setup our very own blogspot.. Come have a lookie.. The Blog Bazz
  10. Yawn.. less talk, more action! Seagate is a cool studio though, he can polish turds in that place.
  11. Cheers to everyone who came down, the bands for playing and of course Captain Tom (& Sid) for last nights debauchery. I had a killer night. Ta!
  12. good idea chap. i also heard Craig was asking regarding "sound checks". hahahahaha If ye like.... Rockstar.
  13. Getting ahead of yourself there laddy. I said i had no internet.. there was nowt said about this show.. i have been contactable via my mobile should anyone wanted to ask a question... but who talks anymore?? MY running order went something like this - 9:00 - Oblivion Incarnate 9:45 - Dross 10:30 - Ablach 11:15 - TAG But changeovers are uber loose.. it's just a rough guide.. nae stress I understand the "folk fuck off to gay clubs" senario. But that shit happens anyway.. so why pander to gheys that would stand about tending to there hair rather than grind peoples faces in? As for the grindcore set lengths... ours WILL be longer than the last 2 shows. So get jogging to boost yer stamina. If there are anymore dumbass questions like "why book a show then fuck off on holiday?" fire them this way! Ta.
  14. Bonesaw Bazz


    the ps3 still for sale?
  15. You're nitpicking about typos? I'm surprised you have so few posted on this forum... I think i know what ye mean though. I personally hate it when vocalists introduce songs using there vocal style... and even more when that's how the talk between songs!!! FUCK OFF!!! Is that what ye meant? If not, at least i've put that on record. Sinkins
  16. Yeah, i've seen that name around, i also chortled. I'd delete it dude. It's only a matter of time till ye get raided..
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