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If you were to learn a new instrument, what would it be?


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Sax, Violin, or go back to the drawing board with the old guitar noodle.

I think I've forgotten all the guitar I learnt, so I'd really have to start from scratch again.

I like the idea of playing the drums as well, but I reckon I'd be hopeless on 'em.

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uhm, i realise that this answer is about a month late... but anyways if you still wanted to know, then you could to for lessons at captain toms.. i know my teacher is very patient at least

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Originally posted by -matthEw-:

Learning the Sitar has always seemed interesting

The sitar is a lot of fun to play, I've played since 1996...

It takes awhile getting used to the sitting position(pins & needles) and also, it's quite painful to play to begin with due to the strings being high up from the frets!

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