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  1. It may sound daft, but first double check a few of the painfully obvious but easily forgotten - check everything works bypassed so you know it is definitely the pedal at fault (not a patch cable or something), then check/replace the battery - I have done similar work, and gotten very worried over a now non-functioning pedal only to find I had forgotten to replace the battery. Did you reverse the polarity of the LED when you moved it? Have you shorted something with your moving/wiring - no new bit of wire is touching something it shouldn't be, a blob of solder bridging a connection or similar. Also double check that when you were working on it you haven't damaged something else - a broken wire on a circuit board from moving it or something else knocked out of whack.
  2. I would be interested in the DDR2 if it is still available.
  3. I can definitely recommend one of the American made SUB series basses - I have the Sterling model and it is an absolutely stunning instrument. When I bought that I ended up choosing between that and the G&L L2000, and in the end went for the Musicman mainly for the fact the Sterling has a jazz style neck, while the L2000 has a fatter precision style one, and the being made in the US factory alongside the multi thousand pound instruments is always appreciated. So despite my eventual choice, the G&L still comes highly recommended too.
  4. I always come back to the fact that the vast majority of the audience for any gig won't be musicians, and would be hard pressed to tell you the difference between a Strat and a Les Paul, let alone being able to hear the tonal difference between a stock Epiphone humbucker and the fancy new Seymour Duncan you installed... Anyone who can actually hear the difference will inevitably be standing grumpily commenting about how their own rig sounds far better anyway As for what is worth it, I would have to agree with the previous comments on the amp being a far bigger part of the tone than the guitar - The amp (and indeed pedals) has far more power over the signal and how it is processed, so will have much more of a bearing on the end result than the guitar. A cheap guitar through a great amp is always going to sound better than a great guitar through a cheap amp (though obviously neither will sound quite as good as a great guitar through a great amp). The fact is though that while the amp may have more of an effect on the 'sound' you have, the guitar is your physical contact to the music, so how it feels in hand will have far more of an emotional response and change the way you approach and play music. So that high end LP may be lost on most of the audience and nowhere living up its potential through a wee amp, but if the guy playing it thinks it feels and sounds better, then his playing will be better than when playing the naff strat knockoff that you have to fight to play well and are always questioning whether it has slipped out of tune yet again.
  5. I would have figured the opposite - the less mass, the better a high output pickup like a Warpig will be as it will overpower the natural tone of the guitar somewhat. Got a Duncan JB sitting here that could be yours for £35 if you want another option?
  6. I have a spare Seymour Duncan JB if it is of any interest?
  7. I am going to be gutted if One Up close their doors. I seem to very much be the minority nowadays, but I am just not a fan of downloading - I just much prefer having something physical for my money and am happy in the fact that the cd I buy will work equally as well on my ipod and computer after ripping them to digital (at my chosen settings too, not whatever the company deems suitable), I can take that disc downstairs and play it in the cd player there, I can stick it in the cd player of my car or hand it to a friend for a listen (or play it in their car/house). Sure most of that may be just as easy with downloads using USB drives and ipod docks, but I just prefer using cd's. I may also be something of a luddite in that I enjoy listening to albums - I want to stick on a disc and listen through it all, not just skipping back and forth between my current favourite tracks in an endless array of playlists. Do record stores have a future? Unfortunately I can't really see it as they stand, but I really do have my fingers crossed that they can diversify and remain profitable before I am forced to resort to Amazon and downloads for music...
  8. Dunlop wah, bluesbreaker and MonkeyFuzzle3 now sold, still got for sale: Vintage Jen Crybaby - £70 MXR M109 6 band EQ - £50 Zoom PS-02 Palmtop Studio - £30
  9. No other interest? All are still available.
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