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Is there another club as good as moshulu?


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The only other club worth visting is Drakes. I tend to make it there more often than Moshulu because it's closer and I can only nip out for 30mins at a time. I was in there watching Black Atom last Friday. Ace! The younger more energetic members of the bar team usually hit Moshulu after we close.

The other thing I'd suggest is (surprise) that you start your evening at The Moorings Bar. We are within in easy reach of both Drakes and Moshulu AND it's possible to get to Moshulu from the Moorings via a secret shorter route through the Green, and up the stairs under the Trinity Centre meaning you can avoid running the Gauntlet of hate that is Union Street on weekend nights.

The Moorings Bar is an alternative venue but a little different in approach. We're a little broader spectrum, but that doesn't mean more mainstream, it just means you'll encounter more diversity of culture. The atmosphere is VERY friendly and the emphasis is on fun. We're very serious about not taking ourselves too seriously.

Big tip is to sample the specials. This is our good quality liquer. These'll get you drunk much more pleasantly, and it takes a lot less of them. the specials should be a lot more expensive but we discount them heavily.

Whatever you do - don't buy bottles of Miller MGD. This is a neds drink so we crank the price up to unbelievable levels to (sucessfully) discourage Neds from frequenting the bar. Our other bottle beers come in at 1.80 to 2.00 and students get 10% off. Miller comes in at 2.50. Heh heh heh. Let's face it, it tastes like pish anyway.

Friday Nights we do a Rock Night called The Wrecking Ball. Pretty much every rock subtype is given decent representation. If you bring something in then Cee Jay will probably play it. Especially if you are nice and buy her a drink. :cheers:

We close at 1am on Fri & Sat and midnight the rest of the time. There are always contingents that head up to Drakes and Moshulu (safety in numbers) at some point towards the end of the evening.

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Well the bar was first a coaching inn in the 16th century, however only the original cellar remains from that time. The new building was built over 100 years ago, and we know that it had become a bar called Simon McLeod's by the 30s, perhaps sooner. It lay vacant for a little while in the early 60s after Simon died, before becoming The Moorings Bar in the mid 60s under the legendary Shep.

Bach then it was the first bar in Aberdeen to have a fully rock 'n roll jukebox and has been associated with rock ever since. The place also acquired a reputation for being raucous. In 1976 Shep sold the bar to John Porter who maintained the rock connection and also introduced regular live music (usually the heaviest stuff around at the time). The jukebox went CD in '87 (we still hand write all the inlays). Such was the reputation of the place for corrupting youth that my mother didn't speak to me for 2 weeks when she first found out I'd been going there.

John sold the bar to Laura and myself in March 2002. Since then we've been putting a lot of effort into 'restoring' it whilst retaining much of the original style and character. It's always been very dark inside, and we like it that way because it makes everyone better looking.

The main reason we haven't flyered yet is that we don't have things 100% the way we'd like them. The toilets especially leave a lot to be desired...

One last thing - the bar is really haunted. Used to freak the shit out of us, but we're getting used to it.

We're located about 50yards from Drakes on the quay front next to Richard's Tattoo.

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The punters are all ages but the vast majority are 20-30 years old.

You can generally expect to see a few older people though, but most of those have been part of the scene for years and stuck with it.

We eject dodgy old men as a matter of routine, and won't permit any 'pestering'.

The best night to come along is probably a Friday when we host The Wrecking Ball. At first glance you'd think you were in a students union.

Please be aware that we are alternative with extra cheese as opposed to regular heavily salted.

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i can put my hand up and say that this bar is fucking ace!

i went for a drink on my 18th there, and been a few times after...

one night was spent happily drinking JD's and by the end of the night myself and counterparts ended up smoking cigars... a most enjoyable night

i think Moorings also has 5 types of absinth?, if memory serves me correct?

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We only run 1 type of Absinthe, but this one is made to the original Czeck recipie with the highest permitted wormwood content and no artificial colourings, sweetners, or flavourings.

Most of the stuff you see around these days is 120 proof ethanol flavoured with aniseed ester 6, dyed with green dye number 374, sweetened with aspartimane, and containes trace essence of wormwood. Ugh!

However along similar lines we stock:

Pernod - which is absinthes little sister and contains no wormwood extract other than the aniseed flavour.

Chartreuse - this tastes similar and is very strong but is in fact a compeltely different drink.

Jaegermeister - this is like cross between absinthe and cough mixture.

If you like exotic spirits then we stock:

5 bourbons + JD (which isn't reallt bourbon)

3 Tequilas (and no pish tequila)

Sotol - this is tequilas sexy little sister

Mezcal - this has the worm in it, and makes the world turn yellow if you drink enough.

13 rums - including W&N the worlds most dangerous drink, we serve this with a plastic bucket because people frequently chuck it straight back up.

3 gins and I recommend the export strength Tanquery

at least 6 different vodkas many of them flavoured and some are under-the-counter specials that we don't advertise.

On draught we have Budvar, Addlestones, and Hoegarden in addition to the usual suspects. Proper McEwens Export too, something that's becoming an endangered species. We among the finalists for Scottish pint of the year for our Tennants Lager.

There are usually 2-3 real ales on hand pump, and these change every 5 days or so.

Gee this reads like a course in inebriation engineering.

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This Saturday we have:

M.I.N.E. (music is now everything) ex Chimera

These guys sound a lot like the band 'Live'.



Atrium is a new band formed by some of the guys that also play in King Voodo, my understanding is that they are contemorary rock, not rock 'n roll like Voodoo. This is one of their first gigs since forming.

Not sure who is up first.

Kick off is approx 9pm. The stage will be up and admission is free as always. Shutdown is 1am.

We're also open all day with jukebox, pinball, arcade machine etc. We discount the drink during the day.

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Originally posted by Flash@TMB:

This Saturday we have:


Atrium is a new band formed by some of the guys that also play in King Voodo, my understanding is that they are contemorary rock, not rock 'n roll like Voodoo. This is one of their first gigs since forming.

Isn`tr atrium Brian from Concrete`s band.... Members of Men Lie and King Voodoo...

For all fans of Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam..... You get the just right....

If that is indeed them.. If it`s not then who knows.

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Originally posted by spinspinsugar:

HMMMMM> I have been going to moshulu atleast once a week every week for a year now- and i cant get bored of it but i was just wondering if anyone knows of another club similar to it cause i want to have a littloe more variation, does anyone feel the same? Or am i just being wierd?

no, we are actually the best :angel:

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