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  1. last night was bloody fantastic, the vocals mix was spot on as far as i could hear. everything i'd hoped it would be. joyous. and belinda...
  2. 4 string, right-handed Daisy Rock Butterfly Series bass. 'Fantasy' model. Bought new for 300+ a couple years ago, probably been out of the wardrobe about half a dozen times (seriously). Been sitting idle in gig bag. Barely EVER used, new condition. Delightful wee bass guitar. Comes with gig bag, lead, plectrums and beginners bass book. Click link below for details: Daisy Rock Guitars | Butterfly Bass Looking for 200 o.n.o cheers
  3. Tickets 5 only when bought in advance from Clearer The Sky. (8 face value / 9.25 @ Seetickets.com)
  4. breathtaking, although i cant deny i was disappointed at the lack of 'broken loves' or 'stay'. but other than that it was sublime. truly moving from start to finish. and the new songs, especially 'start again', completely blew me away. good to see robert bell in action too. captivating stuff. 1. Paul Buchanan @ the Music Hall 2. The Black Dahlia Murder @ the Cathouse 3. dunno yet
  5. i heard it was shit. just some old lady smackin a woodpecker about the stage wiv an oar
  6. fucking we shall be fucking blessed are the dogs! filthpact are quality once you've had a few pints mmw new songs are nae bad, show they're getting stronger
  7. it was recorded with very little care with no effects or checking of levels purely as a blueprint for the structure of the 'song'. and somehow found it's way... here. never fear, we've split up anyway, following this intolerable public mortification. ciao!
  8. incandescent. not as heroic as the oldies though. still, life.
  9. aaah.. havent seen zillah in ages. should be a goer.
  10. clandestine operation!!1
  11. ah shit, in our drunken state we must have forgotten dancefloors were areas designated purely for that move where you stand still with your hand in your pockets, possibly gently nodding your head if fancy takes you.
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