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  1. How dare you take dimmu album titles in vain, curse you, and your teacup!! BTW I take that as a big compliment!!
  2. Having been a big fan for some many years now, I was gutted to hear the preview on the bands myspace page. Any other fans out there disgusted with the P1SS poor offerring from one of Norways finest? Wont be liestening any more, shocking, even embarrassing tunage it must be said. The fact gateways is the best tune doesnt leave you installed with hope 2/10. Will have to change my avatar to boot!
  3. Too many comments here consumed with brandings, It doesnt matter who made it, its what sounds right to you. I've played a 200 quid drum kit that sounded better than a 3K kit, the names shall remain hidden. Brandings themselves are worth nothing. Head choice, dampening effects all play the crucial part in the drums overall sound. To me having to put moon gel pads on drums means the drums acoustic sound is crap, or youve gone for the wrong head chioce / tuning. I had the mapex Orion Maple custom which is the nicest sounding kit Ive owned, and the pearl Session Elite the nicest Ive played., not the high end of the market but somewhere above the midrange. At the end of the day, having really expensive great sounding drums doesnt mean you can do them justice.
  4. Rock Factory, guitars amplifiers PA microphones drums. Here ya go, I feel the best place Ive ever been to for drum stuff (sorry Jimmer)!!
  5. The Rock Factory in Castleford Yorkshire, where i got most of my stuff from, huge selction of drum equipment, cymbals, percussion, drums etc hardware, everything, and cheaper than most. Depends what you really want from a drum, no-one can advise you on whats best as it really comes down to personal preference, I've been playing for 18 years and have yet to find a snare that I would be truely happy with. I've had, pearl, mapex, Tama, DW, the lot!! Although Sleishmann do some really nice bit as do Orange, but imho, very very overpriced like DW and Brady. Alot of choice comes into what suits the style of music you play but not really at the same time, I play pretty heavy fast stuff, but dont like steel / brass snares as they ring too much for me, I prefer the sound of a snappy wooden snare. Something pretty shallow usually does the job.
  6. Not really, most people grew out of the grunge phase over ten years ago:up:
  7. Yeah, couldnt agree more, I wasnt actually getting the handbags out here, it is true what bazz says though, its only as good as the listener. Everyone likes their own thing and eveybody should respect that
  8. Well if your going to play fast, you might as well sound good doing it, thats my motto!
  9. To be honest, theres actually not an awful lot of intervention with the drum sound, its just a problem where I play hard with slow parts and very lightly with faster parts so a little work was needed, there's the problem in using an iron cobra which cannot accurately do speeds over a certain limit as the pedal doesnt come back quick enough. But yeah, I did think that the second track born erased has an old slipknot feel and a joey sounding drum sound, which to me is an insult as I dont rate Joey jordison, but hey its a sound I like, but everyone has there own preferences in terms of what they like.
  10. Bought the triggers a wee while agoto try out but never seem to use them. What you are getting - 1 Ddrum Pro bassdrum trigger 3 Ddrum tom triggers No snare trigger as I accidentally broke it 1 Alesis DM5 multichannel drum brain All necessary cabling to connect everything together I'm not looking at ripping you off folks, its all in working order, so I'm looking for about 300 for the lot. this stuff is still going for a fortune on ebay etc, and costs the earth new. So if interested let me know and I'm sure we can come to an arrangement. Chris (Bostaph)
  11. Aye, bands members only, unless you have your own transport!! Scorge you mink:up:
  12. Send me a pm with details mate, always up for a jam, just to keep my drumming flowing. Dont get as much practice as Id like having to let my kit go a couple of years ago!
  13. TBH I'm actually not looking at starting another band, i'm looking at joining something that only requires a drummer, all the other members are in place. Thanks
  14. Send me a PM mate, this is something i've thought of countless times in the past - not a graded drummer, but can read drum music and have been playing for 16 years.
  15. Whilst Element arent too busy on the gigging/practicing ring just now due to various personal commitments I'm looking for some other interest, not as a stop gap, but something else permanent to keep the energy flowing. All styles considered but preferably metal. Send me a PM if interested - this is a serious post.
  16. Thats good from the platinum edition Andrew W.K paid in full fanclub member, love you really!
  17. I have owned this pedal for several months but never use it as I dont like the feel compared to my Cobra. I'm looking for 225 o.n.o to take away. Excellent condition - as good as new, very little usage. Let me know if your interested drummers out there!
  18. For sale is my beloved Axis A Longboards Double pedal in a lovely shade of silver. I've only owned it for 6-7 weeks and in that time played it for less than an hour. But after the brief use i have had of it I would conclude i really dont like the action of it at all! I'm gonna be sticking with the cobra until I can find a newer more suitable pedal, it all comes down to my drumming style not clicking with it! Didnt expect to be able to use the pedal but I thought i'd give it a try anyway. If your interested I will let it go pretty much brand new for the lowly sum of 350o.n.o If you know these pedals you will also know they go for considerably more than this and also there is no UK distributor as yet so pretty awkward to get hold of from the states - I had to pay almost 200 in import tax and duty so you will have saved yourself a fortune! Go on make yourself a happy wee drummer for crimbo and buy the speed pedal of choice. PM me if serious only!
  19. Seasons in the abyss? - SHITE
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