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  1. Hey boys. Caught your gig last night with Karloff. Very very nice indeed, can't believe how much you've improved in the last 2 years! Keep up the good work mofos.
  2. This EP is, quite frankly, AMAZING. Any fans of jazz get down to 1up and grab a copy NOW!!!
  3. As you are mine! I've a feeling that next year's most shaggable male may go to Radio Lucifer though, like The Jellybeans got the female gong. I hear those guys a quite the lookers....
  4. Too right! Undefeated records are nothing to be toyed with. We'll be back though...
  5. Last Thursday I went along to my old haunt here in Melbourne, Goo @ The Metro. It's essentially Bond*age but down under with crap DJ's. But fuck me right up the ass with a big hot poker if I didn't see the exact doubles of several of our beloved regulars there. no shit, spitting images of American Nikki, Rahlina, Jimmy Lucifer, Candyfloss, Matt of Ward 13 fame, Hardcore Mel, Davey Boy, Johnny Mac and more. Then, as I staggered to the train station at 7am, spank me senseless if I didn't see the EXACT double of Big Daz, engaged in 'conversation' with some of Melbourne's finest constables. I had to suppress a small cheeky chuckle at that one. And to top it off, out comes a great likeness of our beloved Ross Morrison from JB Hi-Fi with a masive bag of CD's. Amazing.
  6. Yep, will bring you some caramellos. And will begin work on another fetish night as soon as I get back.
  7. Fucking ACE! Been to the beach the last couple of days, heading out again in a minute. Going up to Sydney in a couple of weeks to poo all over the Sydney Opera House in the name of the Glory of Melbourne. Tennis next week, Big Day Out in a few, real cigarettes, BBQ's, VB, and a few other things I can't really post on here all making an apearance. Suntan kicking in already. Got some little rippers of CD's to play you. Generally it's all good. So how is Aberdeen?
  8. Stupid ideas. I'm gonna start an import/export business and bring some decent snacks from Oz... starting with Shapes, Tim-tams, Cherry Ripes, Teddy Bear biscuits and Four'n'Twenty Pies. may even bring some of this weather back too...
  9. Tonight's pub quiz prize is 2 Billy Connolly DVD's: Bites Yer Bum & Live in Dublin 2002 Damn, hope I win now.
  10. Yes, I have your wallet here. Ask for me in Bean's or tell the duty manager it's in my office.
  11. Of course. Business as usual.
  12. Yes, you may. Although our Aberdonian chef gave me an earfull for wearing his national dress...
  13. Utter Nonsense. Moshulu is NOT sold out. Of course, it will be busy but as usual it will be a first come-first served basis. See you all tonight... Except Rainbowprincess who seems to be being a bit of a fanny
  14. Wear that in the boxing ring and I'm sure you'll have a whole bunch of new friends!
  15. Lara@the liquid rooms or Bobby at the Honeycomb can help with anything or pass you on to other venue managers in Edinburgh...
  16. Next installement of Flying Circus will be January 7th. Unfortunately I will not be in attendance as I will be en route to sunning my white hairy b utt on the fabulaous beaches in Australia. But have fun kids!
  17. I like this one No, it's mine. You can't have it Cute but with a dead cheeky look in those eyes!
  18. Suffering from too much merriment this fine Boxing Day
  19. Henry J Bean's will be closed on Boxing Day. However, those who feel the need for early evening bevarages are more than welcome to get in a few early tipples in Moshulu, which will be open from 8pm, and free entry until Bond*age takes over the proceedings at 10:30pm. Hope to see you there, and Have a great Xmas from all at Moshulu.
  20. First prize for tonights quiz is 5 DVDs: Casino The Crow Jackass Spiderman & The Devil's Advocate See you there!
  21. My god. Do all the female regulars have such fantastic 'charms'?
  22. Way ahead of you! Can't wait. What a line up.
  23. Yep, got my tickets online yesterday. you going I take it?
  24. Now HERE's a classic rock look if ever I've seen one! http://www.pbase.com/image/19474597
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