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  1. Ah well as i've now relocated to my Inverurie box, so i want to get out more to enjoy the countryside.
  2. Ah! That's where it was from!!!
  3. Yep i'd no idea the sign was there, yet curiously in all the photos (of which there are about a dozen if memory serves me correctly by sheer coincidence i'm pointing straight at the sign as illustrated here or imitating "sucking big dogs cock", in some case's both. I believe there's even one with my hand above my head pointing right at it!!! For those of you with even poorer observation!
  4. hehehe had fun in the moorings tonight, will post more about it later. oh aye!!
  5. Fuckin flash back Haven't been on Aberdeen-music in quite some time and i don't really know why. Just re-read all of craig watch and gave me an entertaining flashback to the last 3 years or so, some of which i do recall the rest is quite clearly made up. Been too poor recently for much antics but give it time an i should be back on form. Love to all, Craig. X
  6. I had a fucking great time last night and got away with mere blister. Can't wait to watch the video, can't be anything less than an absolute hoot in a totally shambolic way. I just want to do it all again....
  7. Here's a couple of testers for ya.. The Master - lee van cleef as a ninja master with a young sidekick Chalkies(?) children - CITV program
  8. Spotted (in the mirror) pissed and dressed as (ex) supermodel Tyra Banks!
  9. I concur, for what it's worth. It sounds pretty good for a few hours work.
  10. Reckon i'm passed the pain barrierand i've not been out much recently so i could make an appearance. Also still have to collect the costumes as a momento, moshulu Alan said that was fine as he wasn't plannin dressin as a granny any time soon (so he said!).
  11. Mr Brian, you are well aware of the fact that my place of work is approx. 15 seconds from your front door, feel free to pop in some time and check on my 'chronic syphalis' and at least that'll give me the chance to pop out of the shop for 5 mins to join you for a cigarette. XXX
  12. This coming Wednesday will be the first one i've had to myself in about 3 years, any suggestions for what i should do? (Dear lord i hate to think what answers i may get)
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