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What you downloading?


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Skint at the mo', but SLSK means I don't have to be without shiny new tunes through the dry spell. Queued at the mo' are:

Neurosis and Jarboe - Sounds awesome, but terrifying!

No Warning - HARD!CORE!

Zeke - Like Motorhead, but on crack. Truly, one of the best bands in the world!

Tom Waits - Was curious, cos so many seem to rate him - not what I was expecting at all!

Recent ace downloads:

Team Sleep - 40x better than Head Automatica - less cod funk, more cool beats!

Helmet - Size Matters - Smoother than the old stuff, no "exploding fax solos", but good!

Suicide Note - You're Not Looking So Good - Noisy, violent stuff

Jimmy Eat World - Pop-tastic. Love it.

Jesu - Heart Ache. Hard to track down, but completely brilliant - Godflesh to the next level...

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bought fugazi-13 songs album recently and its the stuff thats good for you;)

I prefer 13 Songs personally..

Fugazi prefer In On The Killtaker

The Arguement is great as is all of their albums and EPs..

Get your gran to buy you "Instrument DVD" for Christmas.

9.99 from One Up....

Inspiring and Essential.

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stop downloading albums.

Stop being greedy' date=' buy some f***ing CD's (from Necro, but its true)[/quote']

I actually own every track i`ve ever downloaded...

It`s my job though..so I guess that's why...

I even own faulty CDs that have never worked but I won't take them back as I can't part with a cd...

I need a life!!!!

I have Dizzee Rascal....> The Streets... hmm.. a topic.... i feel

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Guest stuartmaxwell

Jesu - Heart Ache. Hard to track down' date=' but completely brilliant - Godflesh to the next level...[/quote']

what an ep that is too

godflesh is dead, long live jesu

could even be the best thing i have purchased this year

i envisage that this years top tens are going to be hard :down:

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