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  1. are oceansize playing again? hope so, ace live band
  2. You people should really read from SOURCE before talking shit, fact is on the bands myspace site tool are not mentioned. End of. Looks like all your flaming and bullshit dont come to nothing. As per usual i guess. Maybe you should look further into the actual truth assholes before looking at second rate sources and trying to make me look small when in reality your the ones who are talking shit
  3. Then perhaps you would like to back up your statement with actual proof that the band where influenced by tool.
  4. That makes you third in the pecking order
  5. Have you ever heard them live?
  6. Let me remind you again if it slipped your immense iq level! You pointed out my comment that i called mr maxwell a corporate whore when i was applying sarcasm to the arguement. Fool you for taking that onboard!
  7. On a serious note, please tell me where he states that "parts of this are a bit like tool"? There is no way when you compare the two bands that this is comparable to tool. As i stated before tool will always have their own sound and not be compared.
  8. Another sucker! This is too easy and it's not even fishing season yet! LOL
  9. Looks like my sarcasm has washed off your jelly brain. Who is the buffoon again?
  10. yeah ignorant to record companies who mass produce trendcore bands. You are are pro in this field
  11. I guess that makes you lord of the scene freaks then! Since you are in the know lol It is not something i would really want to be an expert on anyhow
  12. just because other bands inspired them doesnt mean that they sound like one particular band. Just means that tool have combined different styles into something new. Which they have.. If you want to be clever and start a grammar war then you would of obviously known that you cant start a sentence with and. With does nothing to argue the point anyhow. So just get over it
  13. Tool arent comparable with this shit, you seem to think otherwise in your original comment. Yet you seem to think that changing the argument with this "oh arent tool fans allowed to like this" far from your original point and changing your stance, that wasnt the argument in the first place. Why can't you see tool have their own sound? Anyone who compares a band with tool simply does not know what they are talking about. Tool do their own thing end of. Scenecore = genres like emo/pop punk/hardcore/screamo. Do you not seriously not know what scenecore is?
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