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  1. Hi Im a local producer looking to get more involved with teh aberdeen music scene, moved away from aberdeen for some years but back now I offer Audio production in the sounds of hip hop, bth older and modern, RnB, etc sample based or original composition. I have great and affordable rates for production and will tailor to your budget i also offer some recording of vocals and instruments both in the digital and analogue world. Its from my home but have a selection of gear and with nearly 14 years experience in production and around 10 years experience in recording. If anyone is interested please let me know. Can offer both Digital and analogue recordings, Interfaces MOTU 896, Yamaha o1x + more (24 bit 96Khz offered) Mics SM7B, 414 Original + more Choice of Preamps Including Focusrite, tascam and more Outboard compressors and dynamics Choice of monitoring NS-10m, KRK etc Production choice of hardware or sftware, vast MPC range including original 1988 MPC 60 + more Choice of Daws, mac pro tools (002 black lion), logic (896, 01x) or pc cubase (o1x, 896) sessions provided choice of DSP SSL, Yamaha etc thanks
  2. Hi been a long time sinc ei posted here. Just looking for feedback on a video featuring some productions of mines, its a very rough video but please check it out and let me know what you thing, all feedback welcome. thanks
  3. great song and very impressive video. would love to work with you at some point if possible
  4. thains for the comments guys, glad you enjoyed the song
  5. really enjoyed it, great tunes, great production. really smooth vibe, obviously cant understand it so cant comment on the MC or lyrics but the music was fantastic, good luck with the release
  6. hey everyone just looking for some feedback and opinions on a new song by local artist cheeens. also has a wee montage type vid of random stuff over the years. here is the link : YouTube - ‪Cheeens - Hometown (Prod.EKIZEL) OFFICIAL VIDEO‬‏ any thoughts and feedback would be great. Im posting because i produced the track so feedback on that so would be great. always looking to branch out so any bands intrested in doing something would be cool thanks
  7. Hi, Just a quick thread to let you guys know about a Local artists named "Cheeens" he has just released his debut release called "My Miind in Rhyme" and the lead single "For So Long" is available to download now. The official Video for "For So Long" can be found at this link (it also includes a clip of track "the Greatest") : YouTube - Cheeens - For So Long (Prod. EKIZEL) OFFICIAL VIDEO The project has been made from start to finish by only two people they are Cheeens and Myself (Ekizel). From writing, production, recoridng, mastering, releasing etc etc its taken us over 2 years to make the material and polish it to a stage we are happy with. Please check out the video and rate/comment to let us know what you think and all feedback is welcome. If your intrested in buying the music then its available worldwide on all major digital download sites including iTunes, Amazon, Napster, nokia, eMusic, Lala and many more just search "Cheeens - My Miind in Rhyme" on your favourite site. here is a direct link to the Download, this will open your iTunes player on your computer iTunes Store - Cheeens - My Miind In Rhyme - I'm Out (Prod.EKIZEL) On Cheeens youtube channel you can see blogs of Him recording the track and previews along with other stuff. Behind the scenes at teh video shoot and more episodes will be coming soon. please let us know what u think and rate/comment the video. most of all dont forget to spread the word if you liek this video thanks Twitter.com/Cheeens MySpace.com/Cheeens YouTube.com/CheeensTV
  8. Hey, We never go down well here at all lol but i thought i'd post this up anyway for you to have a look at. Basically is friends of mine, called "The Emcees" some of the old Granite Emcees members plus couple new guys. The guys on this song are Chino, Shy and DRS. Track was just done as a fun thing you know, nothing major nad its self shot so dont expect a masterpiece lol Is the Link to the Music vid Also got a Vid of Chino Recording a song with Big bap on the boards ! check it out to see the setup and gear i use. This was done out of bordum ! lol is the link to that vid. its hip hop, so you know i know its not posted here allot but check it out and let us know what you think good or bad yeah.
  9. Hi i am one of the MCs in the track, i have seen this getting allot of talk across the board, i thikn its 2nd maybe 3rd post dedicated to the video and we have never promoted it ANYWHERE except our myspace and our own website. The video was never ment to be anything great, it was infact just for our website to let people put a face to the name, we done it with a real old camera and just the pc, i edited myself having never done anything with video myself, we tried to put sometihng together that showed aberdeen and showed us. As for Granite Emcees as a hole, Granite Emcees are a group that holds MCs and DJs taht have come together to make a project to be sold in aberdeen to let the Bands and Hip hop listners to hear that there is actually rap in aberdeen. We only planned to do this as a gate way, maybe to get our indivdual selfs further with making music or maybe inspire the next man to rap and do something you know. It is the only cd we will make and release as a group, every beat on the cd was Produced by myself (for whoever is sreading that its stolen) and terence Supaproducer. ALL is our own original material and ALL has been recorded in the bedroom and all done off our own backs, we pressed the cds, posters, stickers, flyers etc etc all ourselfs (which is this time has left me in debt) and thanksfully Dropzone Record picked it up and gave us a distribution deal allowing us to sell in a number of places around the country and on the web. So like i said it was a building project from the beginning, its the start and End of granite emcees and its just to give a slight insite of the scene in aberdeen. As for anything else I myself with an English rapper called "leady" are releasing a CD/12" in Summer featuring some of the UKs best (and top selling) underground Hip Hop acts including Mr Jinx, Eyezofman & A-Bomb, Tekneek etc and the cd is introduced by USA underground rapper Q-Unique (arrsonists and signed to ill bill of non-phixions lable) thanks to all posts good or bad, it helps us build
  10. yes very very intrested in seeing that !!! CHekc your e-mails for one from Ekizel check the e-mail then consider us for a support slot ;) give me a e-mail back soon ]
  11. SHOCKED !!! It aint Ultimate High !!!! Its ALL TIME HIGH !!! One of Scotlands and UKs BEST rap groups ! Thats shocking not knowing the name of the artisting your putting on
  12. thanks for your comments much appreciated, Glad you like it
  13. Whats Up i am an Emcee/Producer in the city, Intrested in hearing your stuff, if you have anythingi can check out weather original or boot-legged would definatly be up for a listen give me an E-Mail at : Info@Ekizel.co.uk Sample of my Groups work download with direct link http://www.Ekizel.co.uk/MP3/The_Promo.mp3 More info at : www.GraniteEmcees.co.uk www.Ekizel.co.uk GIve me a shout
  14. The Other Mcs are Granite Emcees (Chino, Independant and Ekizel) and on two of the SOlo tracks on the Promo there is Reflections Ekizel feat. WEST and The Sciences Ekizel feat. VERSEONE. Yeah still working with Kamoto he does the Reflections beat and the outrw beat on the Promo mix cheers for teh feedback glad you liked it
  15. Whats Up jsut want to ask you all to check out A Promo we have going around, Its a FREE cd we have done and its a 15 minute 14 track sampler featuring Granite Emcees and Solo Material from Granite Emcees artists. We Pressed for promotion around our city which is Aberdeen. I have uploaded the FULL cd as ONE MP3 so just ONE DOWNLOAD and you have the full thing Its main purpose was to promote the EP which we are releasing in JANUARY called "Forever and a Day" which is an 8 track ep. for more info check out www.GraniteEmcees.co.uk To Download the 15 min sampler www.ekizel.co.uk/MP3/The_Promo.mp3 is the Direct link PLEASE DONT SLEEP ON THIS give it a listen you WONT be dissapointed ! and please The Promo is to promote us so tell everyone to download it and GIVE US YOUR FEEDBACK !! GUEST BOOK AT : www.GraniteEmcees.co.uk Pleas give us your thoughts and Opinions www.GraniteEmcees.co.uk www.GraniteEmcees.co.uk www.GraniteEmcees.co.uk
  16. I am intrested if you want to give me more info please give me an e-mail at Info@ekizel.co.uk You can listen to a mix of our music By Clicking Here more info at www.ekizel.co.uk www.GraniteEmcees.co.uk
  17. Yeah some good scottish hip hop going about now Granite Emcees (Aberdeen Based) www.GraniteEmcees.co.uk you can download a mix of their stuff Grantie Emcees Mix Also Eastborn (Glasgow Based) www.Dropzonerecords.com Eastborn Download
  18. whats up, just a short mix of some of our song, just thrown together not beat matched or nothing but it gives you the idea. Its Independant, Chino and Myself. All recorded in house, but whatever i guess. file size is like 2.5 MB so give it a blast http://www.ekizel.co.uk/MP3/sampler.mp3 let me know your thoughts
  19. I expected nothing but negative reviews as people on this site only aim to put people down, you can prove this due to the replies in this post, its a website about music correct ? so why is there no one saying something like "I did not like these bits, I liked these bits, maybe you should . . etc etc" they all turn round and say "shite" or "you suck dude" well you get the point. No one is telling us what we need to build on, what they don't like, what they do like and so on, like real music listeners would do. constructive criticism and all that good stuff. The song was done for comedy value to a guy thats been doing nothing but speaking shit ever since i beat him in the final of the aberdeen rap battle in snafu. We wrote the rhymes in a matter of mins and was recorded in a matter of mins, not mastered, no time taken just a bit of fun, but all the narrow minded people on this site are not looking at it like that and are looknig at it like we're trying to be super stars and trying to enter the uk charts and so on. You call me "unknow talent" in a post because you have not heard me before, because purly the fact your not into rap and there for pay no attention to your local or infact scttoish scene, just like me I'm not into rock or punk and so on and so I have never heard of any of the bands on this site . . . . does that make them shit and mean none of you can like them and they can't be liked in the local rock scene ? I think you'll find thats a NO I do live almost everyweek in aberdeen, I have vinyl/cd and am on quite a few local and net radio stations which is more than most of the bands on this site Its very amusing to me to read this, thats why a ask for more people to reply
  20. hahaahaha this is exactly the reaction I was excepting, thanks to all your mosher/punks/skaters for keeping an open mind i'm glad I made you all solid over this hahahaha keep the feedback coming its proper comedy
  21. Hi, for anyone who has heard a local rapper in aberdeen by the name MC Dee aka Dee J then check this out, if you've not heard of him then check this out hahahaha This is a song by myself (Ekizel) and another local rapper called Chino. If is a slew (or diss for the yanks) to MC Dee and its well . . . . you decide that ! http://www.ekizel.co.uk/MP3/Final_Fight.mp3 You will laugh AT LEAST twice listening to this ! Just completly made in my room, everything done here but whatever you know, give us your thoughts
  22. I played that gig at Lemon Tree with Uter and co. They are from Glasgow and . . . . have a website !! lol its http://www.askingfortrouble.org/uter/ hope that helps
  23. Its tonighttttt its tonight any Hip Hop and/or Turntablism fan will not want to miss this its gonig to be crazy now added to the bill are Independant, Chino, IMC and very speical guest NECARUS for SCOTLAND YARD EMCEES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Djs, The D.O.C and Red-I (The Coalition), Dj Styles and Not to mention RICHIE RUFTONE !!!!! Scottish Hip Hop baby ! this is gonig to be crazy
  24. TONIGHT ****RICHIE RUFTONE at SNAFU**** The Coalition and Truestyle Present : Straight Up Sunday with special guest DJ RICHIE RUFTONE (1999-2003 5x Scottish DMC CHAMPION, 1997 NMC Winner, 1998-2003 DMC UK Finalist, 2000-2002 ITF European Scratch CHAMPION) with Live Pre-Support act The D.O.C and Ekizel (with PSI) and resident DJ's The D.O.C and DJ Styles Doors open 10PM - 2AM TAX = 3 SUNDAY 29th MAY Venue = SNAFU (Union Street ABERDEEN)
  25. Its two floors the venue, I'd say each floor could hold 200 MAX. The equipment they use for Djs is all hired by the Djs themself and its like Rent-a-disco unless you bring your own decent stuff with you. Know 3 djs that to it every week and they only do it for the cash even they hate the venue
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