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[Feb 2, 2012] [GIG] PAWS, DOLFINZ + MIN DIESEL, Thursday 2nd Feb, Drummonds (Cafe Drummonds)


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"You'd probably need a powerpoint presentation complete with pie charts and flow diagrams to properly summarise PAWS' 2011, but the edited highlights include a well attended T Break set, a split single with Lady North on Gerry Loves Records, radio sessions and even an NME mention.

Having gigged constantly through the year, 2012 promises to be very exciting for the head-rattling three-piece. There's now talk of label interest with plenty more gigs planned, and they are due to start recording their debut album in London this month.

There's also a huge amount of older material available for free download on their SoundCloud page, which suggests a spot of spring cleaning before a fresh stage in their career.

If you're not familiar with the band think a fast and furious Dinosaur Jr - rapid fire pop songs coated in layers of distortion. We think they're in for quite a year."

(The Scotsman)


"DOLFINZ is a two-piece from Stonehaven in Scotland. Their music perpetuates the great time-honoured tradition of Indie music-making in it’s most honest and truest form: lo-fi, shambolic, un-tamed, playful, and without the tampering sterile hand of a music school education. Kicking petulantly through the streets and hills of Aberdeenshire Dolfinz shift from garage noise (‘Blowhole’) through to bubblegum surf pop (‘Hot Pants’), sometimes psyched and heavy and drenched in plenty plenty distortion and reverb, other times whistful and hazy, all behind-the-beat drumming, lazy strumming, and the occasional Ducktails-esque psyche reversed guitar line (‘Bubblegum’).

Dolfinz currently have a 7” single available on Tuff Wax Records, and a 12” split release due out in April on Toad Records, before their tour with Slowcoaches begins in March. This will be their 4th UK TOUR. They have previously played gigs with bands such as Cults, Sic Alps, The Babies, Bos Angeles, Islet, Fear of Men, PAWS, Former Bullies."



No one ever writes nice things about Min Diesel. Not anything that I can find after 30 seconds of Googling, anyway. Here is a link to their new song though:


Cafe Drummonds 8.30pm, £5

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Yeah, the last Paws/Min Diesel gig at Snafu was bloody great fun. All should attend! Its on a Thursday night too, so there's no excuse! No one gives a fuck if you are hungover and lazy on a Friday. From what I've heard, Dolfinz are pretty "wow bad" but a lot of people seem to be bigging them up, so I look forward to being proven wrong.

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