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Spike Pile Drivers last gig!


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Guest Jake Wifebeater

Splitting up? Wait a fucking minute here. All the kind words are all very well, but I don't see anyone offering to fill the drummer's slot! Don't think you've seen the last of us somehow, myself and Hoglet are the basic core of Spike, as long as we're in it, it'll be OK. It may take ages before we can gig again, but we will continue to record at my flat and release stuff. Who knows? We'll keep y'all posted anyway.

The Spike Boys...not the beginning, not the end. Not even the beginning of the end, but definitely the end of the beginning.

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if this is the end' date=' i shall be very disappointed. very.

but i have faith in jakey....he'll deliver the goods.[/quote']

Of course he will. Sad to see Chris go, hes an ace guy and a great drummer. We are in talks at the moment and Jakes lawyers and my lawyers have been locked in talks to decide whether a drum machine or a human drummer would be the best option. I may be asking Lawy Lawson to represent me in the future.

Spike will be back but in what guise?

Dechristianise and Scorge, are you guys serious about wanting to be in Spike, PM me if you are

Cheers :up:

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Guest Jake Wifebeater
I can do very killer blast beats now .... alot better now

It wasn't the blast beats that were the problem, mate. It felt like you couldn't be arsed learning the other bits!

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