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Daily Mail-o-matic

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The real Daily Mail had a headline on Saturday "Greedy MPs on 500k" that I found quite funny.

Here's a real Daily Mail article that's funnier than anything that site could make up.

We should make our greedy MPs live on sink estates | Daily Mail (London, England), The Newspaper | Find Articles at BNET

YOUNG director Daniel Barber has coaxed a marvellous performance from Michael Caine in his new movie, Harry Brown.

Caine plays a retired exserviceman marooned on a dystopian sink estate, riddled with drugs and crime.

When his best friend is murdered after being burned out of his flat, Harry Brown embarks on a vengeance mission.

The film, which I saw last week, goes on general release tomorrow. It is extremely violent and thoroughly depressing, but horribly realistic.

All over Britain, there are council estates plagued by feral gangs of youths, where people trying to live decent lives have been abandoned to their fate.

They are not confined to inner London and our other big cities. For instance, most of us think of Devon and Cornwall as a quaint landscape of Rick Stein restaurants, piskies, pasties, cream teas and glorious beaches.

But in Bodmin a 59-yearwoman has just died after rushing back into her home to save her son from a fire started deliberately by local hooligans.

Television footage of the house shows a ghastly concrete bunker which wouldn't have looked out of place on the set of Harry Brown, much of which was filmed in South London, just a couple of miles from the Houses of Parliament.

Politicians of all stripes should be compelled to watch this movie or, better still, forced to live on one of these sink estates.

Never mind the John Lewis list, MPs ought to be billeted in a crime-ridden council tower block at the Elephant and Castle. Then they might grasp the awful truth about Broken Britain.

Instead of propping up these hideous hell-holes with welfare payments, they should be razed to the ground.

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LOL @ the usual MPs-are-out-of-touch-and-need-their-noses-rubbed-in-it mantra, as spouted by people who've also never been near run-down public housing.

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"Is your local council giving local taxpayers cancer?"

As an employee and a representative of Aberdeen city council I can confirm that it is not the aim nor the wish to inflict cancer upon local tax payers...we'll just take every penny you have thanks...

I jokes of course :D

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