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  1. mistersticks

    Cold Years

    I've listened to these tracks through a couple of times, and, although I'm not a huge fan of Boneshaker, I really like the way that they're all sounding. I'd definitely like to check the band out live sometime. Great stuff.
  2. mistersticks

    The Deportees: Acoustic Sessions

    Really, really good. Looking forward to hearing more.
  3. mistersticks

    Replacing a Strat bridge.

    Jan: thanks for your words of caution - that's what I was concerned about. Hey man, That would be great if you could have a look.
  4. mistersticks

    Replacing a Strat bridge.

    Hi folks, I am looking to replace the bridge on my 1984 MIJ Squier Stratocaster due to heavy corrosion and rust. Can anyone recommend a suitable replacement? Do any of the music stores in Aberdeen stock replacement Fender parts? Cheers.
  5. mistersticks

    4 X Stereophonics Tickets for sale Aberdeen 9th November

    These are now sold. Cheers.
  6. mistersticks

    4 X Stereophonics Tickets for sale Aberdeen 9th November

    Standing. Cheers for the interest!
  7. Hi folks, I have four Stereophonics tickets available for the show next week as unfortunately we cannot attend. I am just looking for the face value back on the tickets. Thanks.
  8. mistersticks

    Fender American Special Stratocaster

    That's lovely. I don't have the cash right now, but I'll give you a shout when I do to see if it's still available. Good luck with sale either way.
  9. mistersticks

    Cielo Rosso

    This is great. Apologies I missed that gig at Toms back in January. Hope to catch the band soon.
  10. mistersticks

    Marionettes Sell-Out Show At Cellar 35

    Thanks for coming Graham; pleasure to see you as always. Cheers to Craig and Aberdeen Student Radio for putting on such a fun night.
  11. mistersticks

    Marionettes - Teaparties

    This is available digitally via Bandcamp at: http://marionettes.bandcamp.com and iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/teaparties-single/id593643231