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Mr Moorings 2009 - Sat 15 August

The Ghost Of Fudge

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Fudge present, at the Moorings Bar, 2 Trinity Quay, Aberdeen:




and the second annual MR MOORINGS COMPETITION!


Longhorn on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

"Officially the fastest band in Scotland. We will race any other band who thinks they are faster. It's a challenge!"

Longhorn are a stoner-rock band with thrashy undertones. They return to the bar after a couple of years off, writing new material and perfecting their stage banter... Led by their charasmatic founder, the bull god Craig Turner, formerly of Deadenstereo and Sluts On Junk. Bare-cheasted rock-metal with horns! They get their kicks from The Spiritual Beggars, Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Metallica, Fu Manchu, Queens of the Stone Age, Down, Corrosion of Conformity, Viking Skull and the rest.

Roadway on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Recently recording with former Rainbow and Yngwie singer Doogie White, Roadway play the same classic rock style as Ketimine Deco (with whom they share members) - although this is a sleazier affair. They're going on the road for a week to do some showcases, and this will be their first Aberdeen gig.


All the fun of the fair, as MR MOORINGS 2009 competition takes place.

(Whatever you're picturing, it'll be at least 50 times worse than that...).

Please contact Flash from the Moorings if you'd like to enter or for further details.

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there are seven confirmed contenders for this years competition. the contest will develop in stages:

Stage 1 - Weigh In.

Using scientific scales to check your body fat, muscle mass, sperm count, etc. Comparison of your measurements to natures golden ratio.

Stage 2 - Physical Challenge.

Rated on speed, form, and number of reps. This is the Rocky section, it's all five finger push-ups, wide grip pull-ups and parallel dips on chairs. Having never taken any interest in fitness, Fudge are assured it'll be tough.

Stage 3 - Bar Games

Lift a chair by bottom of front leg one handed. Human flag on the pole. Slowest pushup. Etc.

Stage 4 - Drinking Challenge

Drink a yard of Heritage or Budvar. Teabags will possibly make up some ground here.

Stage 5 - Posing

You can do this in fancy dress or just plain nude. The crowd votes.Not with their feet, I hope.

Stage 6 - Scoring

The judges total the scores and declare the winner.

i believe this nonsense, err, i mean competition will be taking place throughout the evening. when you tire of watching Flash do one-and-a-half-hand-pull-ups, remember that there will be two bands playing too...

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Teabags bags

I thought it was Teabags... Last year was a traumatic night for all who attended.

It was slightly alarming, especially from my viewpoint on the stage trying to judge the contestants in a professional manner.....

He definitely won on cheers - his 'spreading-the-arse-cheeks' pose will stay with those who saw it for a very long time,......

Sadly his athletic skills were less dynamic.

I might bring surgical gloves for tomorrow's event in case he manages to display any more of his internal organs.

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the final results for the Mr Moorings contest, in reverse order were.

Teabags 23

Lucas 26

Flash 30

Mitch and Vampire Dave (tied) 31

John 33

Farmer Joe 40

and the winner

Spiderman (aka cowboyhat Ian) 44

I'm getting too old for this nonsense! The next oldest competitor was 11 years younger than me hah hah. Helen should be along soon to provide a detailed breakdown of the results... Would be interesting to see some of the rep numbers as the standard was very high this year :)

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