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Deadloss Superstar - their Aberdeen show for 2009!

The Ghost Of Fudge

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Your practicing options in Dundee are as follows...

Stage 2000

S2K :: Stage 2000 Rehearsal Studios, Dundee, Scotland.

It costs from 9 - 12 per hour depending on the room and the quality of gear differs substantially between them. Also, the amps advertised aren't guaranteed to be the what you'll find when you get in.


Riptide Music Studios

A fiver an hour during the day, 9 on evenings and weekends. The gear's not the greatest but the people are really nice and there's a free pool table.


http://www.upstartsstudio.co.uk - Home

This is a wee bit out of town but the equipment's of the highest calibre and the rooms are pretty good. I think it's around a tenner an hour


Seagate Studio, Dundee

This is my personal favourite. It's a tenner an hour and there's a realy nice ampeg bass head. The guitar amps let the side down a bit though and there's only one room so you might have difficulty finding a slot.

Hope this is of some help!


I saw Deadloss Superstar about 8 years ago in the old Westie in Dundee and loved them. Was surprised to find they're still on the go and our paths havent crossed again.

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ahhh! the westie! was the guitarist hanging upside down from the rafters? deadloss weren't really feeling the dundonian love that night, i seem to recall a kicking looked more likely

but cheers for the dundee info dude.

Haha yeah! A fine piece of showmanship!

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two bars. that's what we managed before the first 'string breakage'. good times, good times.

It must be some kind of record. Shame. Good set apart from that (and the other breakage).

Did his guitar survive the launch off the stage? When he did that I got a flashback to earthtone 9 at the forum and what happened to his guitar that night.

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Guitar was launched off the stage narrowly missing me and Amy. The some guy picked it up and started restringing it before giving up and appearing to leave it behind the pool table.

Cracking set and let's face it, it just ain't Deadloss if something or someone hasn't been broken by the end :up:

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