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  1. Not sure wether to be proud at winning, or disgusted at myself. Either way, let's see if I can retain the title next year!
  2. If anyone is selling one please either message me on here, or email me on galbraithross@aol.com cheers
  3. I sent you an email but thought I'd reply here too, I'm desperatley searching for a pair of tuckets, give me a ring on 07562668281 if they sre still svslisble.
  4. jf9tp2wd40

    free piano

    put me in third on the list, ive been on the lookout for a piano forever to learn on, and really cant afford one...this is probably a very long shot, i shoulda been quicker! but cheers!
  5. again how much for the nano, pm me. cheers
  6. this is really sad, both are great guys. I rarely buy stuff in one up other than local bands music and gig tickets, but it would be really sad to see the place go, it is an institution in aberdeen.
  7. Does aberdeen have a decent marine fish and coral stockist left? Waterworld's selection is dreadful, and A1 gets nothing but bad rep. As a side note if any ab-music members keep a marine tank hit me up with a pm, trying to sortout a circle of people to share frags.
  8. The prince of wales have recently stopped, but if you ask nicely there is still a case or 2 in the cellar, so we will happily get you one till they run out! I remember drinking it in Ma's a few months ago, so give there a try? Belhaven pubs all have a decent chance of stocking it, as it is on the belhaven order sheets so is stocked at managers discression, try asking your local/favorite pub to get it in for you, you would be surprised how willing a lot of pubs are.
  9. From memory prais played one of their first gigs at Fudge Awards (06?) it was at the lemontree anyway, but i don't think they ever won an award.
  10. take bill nye outta mine. Can't believe i used numbers and still managed to fuck it up.
  11. Bollocks i only just noticed this... is one day too late?
  12. Joining Jade? 1.Stephen Hawkings 2. Kim Jong il 3. Paul Daniels 4. Steve Jobs 5. Travis Barker 6. Russel Brand 7. Maggie Thatcher 8. Aretha Franklin 9. Ronnie Wood 10. Osama Bin Laden 11. The Queen 12. ozzy osbourne 12. Bruce Forsythe 13. Pete Docherty 14. Mel Gibson 15. Courtney Love 16. Bill Nye 17. Justin Beiber 18. Michael Douglas 19. Mary-Kate Olsen Joker 20. Kate Middleton
  13. Alan is indeed correct, she is currently using a spoon... though i have seen her use a comb, a pen, what apeared to be a 2p piece, and a few other random objects... she is out infront of markies quite a bit, so i pass her most days on my way to work, and hear her throught the day when i'm out smoking!
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