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Annie Lennox - Shining Light


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What does everything think of Annies cover of Shinning light?

YouTube - Annie Lennox - Shining Light

It breaks my fucking balls, it seems to be on the radio all the time at my work! (between that and the fucking Feeling....i have no authority to change the dial)

Don't hate Annie Lennox but this song kills me, even the Ash version didnt do much for me, if anything. :down:

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its tragic a former pop star desperate for a hit resorts to covering a half credible alternative rock band song! she dont need the money but she evidently does need a hit! it really is pathetic, come on lennox do you not have any new songs you can inflict upon us? and shame on radio 2 for playing it so much, but they are way too predictable at times promoting fodder like this. i never know where lennox's head is at but this is a sad attempt at trying to get back in the hit parade, sad thing is she probably thinks people give a fuck about the charts these days!

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