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  1. I have just opened a box in the loft full of old cd's and dvds. music magpie reckon its worth £41, where everything pretty much is 30p. Follow the link below to see the contents and if anyone wants the box, then your welcome to it for £40. https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BwwsC5tD0lIZU3JBaWhPdndoZEk
  2. sross90

    La La Land

    Anyone been watching this?? Its funny as fuck! Gary is an ace character, a complete wanker makes me laugh! Catch it on IPlayer BBC iPlayer - La La Land: Episode 2
  3. Anyone watched any of this? It's pretty funny a spoof documentary Jonah is funny
  4. sross90

    Free tv

    No takers, how about a I give someone money to take it???
  5. sross90

    Free tv

    Sony 28" widescreen tv for free to anyone that wants it. no it's nae flat it's a big thick chunky CRT. Comes with a stand, glass and silver. Built in digital tuner.
  6. Fucking Hillarious, I love part 5 when he pulls apart the bet. Haha
  7. Looking to sell my Amp and Cab, they are in good nick, havent really been used that much as I tend to just use house amps when playing live. Got a new baby on the way and need to buy a double buggy! I think 300 is a fair price, thats less than half price! If anyone is interested reply or PM. I can deliver it if you are within 10 miles of aberdeen! Heres the bumf about it AVT150H Guitar Amplifier Head with DFX Specifications Output (RMS): 150 watts Impedance: 4 ohms Speaker: None #Channels: 4 Acoustic Simulator: Yes Digital FX Section: x 2 FX Select Switch: x 2 FX Loop: Parallel FX Level Switch: Yes FX Mix Controls: x 2 Scoop Switch: x 2 Bright Switch: Yes Emulated Line Out: Yes Headphone Jack: Yes Master Volume: Yes Presence Control: Yes Speaker Outputs: 2 ext. Footswitch: PEDL-00031 included. Dimensions (mm): 671 x 271 x 250 Weight (Kg): 15 Cabinet The perfect cab for pairing up with any AVT head. The Marshall AVT412 200W 4x12 Cabinet with Celestions houses four custom-voiced Celestion 12" speakers, handles up to 200W RMS power, and has all the roadworthiness you expect from Marshall. Designed to complement the AVT50H and AVT150H heads by providing a solid punch and tight low-end response. One cab is killer. Two make the ultimate back line stack. Marshall AVT412 200W 4x12 Cabinet with Celestions Features: 4 custom-voiced 12" Celestion speakers 200W handling
  8. sross90

    Worst date ever

    Beautifully illustrated!!
  9. See Simon Cowell is planning some kind of politcs show. Apparently hot politcal issues are going to be discussed and the public can vote. There will be some sort of hot line to downing street etc.
  10. Do you think mic's will ever be replaced with VST amp models?? Take amplitude for example, you get a really decent sound plugging your guitar straight into you pc now! You can dial in loads of different tones and cab simulators! Im not saying its better than micing up your cab, just wondering if people think it will ever be as good as micing up your cab?
  11. Mmm yeah theres not many places that offer 15% APR, thats that plan down the shitter! Fuck it time for a new bank account!
  12. HBOS Overdraft I've got a bank of Scotland account, am they have a hefty generous overdraft which I don't normally ever use, however on occasion I can go like 5 over for the last few days of the month. But from now on I guess If Im going overdrawn then Im going overdrawn in style. If I know I will be going 1 over, then its time to shif 2499 into a different account until such time I know that I wont be overdrawn at all. Actually if the charge is only 1 day, would it be beneficial to be constantly overdrawn by 2499 and have all that money sitting somewhere that would make more than 1 a day??
  13. I generally make my friends feel safer when I am around, normally cause they know that if anything is going to happen it is very likely that its going to happen to me!
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