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  1. Fender Standard Precision Bass Maple Neck, Bass Guitar Guitars It's the same as the picture in the link, I can send personal photos to your email account if you want, just state if there are particular parts of the bass you would like to see. Looking for a quick sale on this, no time wasters please comes with standard fender gig bag excellent condition
  2. 25 for a Dell Dimension 3000 tower and a keyboard and mouse, Great condition except that the disc drive does not read discs, may be ideal for computer parts. I will deliver within the city otherwise pickup from my house.
  3. i'll take them for free as you got them for free
  4. i know it means it has overheated but something is wrong permanantly because within 2 minutes of playing a game the fan goes crazy and the two lights appear. I was gonna get it repaired about a year ago but the 360 elites were coming with 2 decent games for 180 so just got that. basically it'll cost microsofts standard repair fee. can't quite remember what it is
  5. i have a broken one with a 20gb harddrive, i'll sell it for the price of the hard drive if you can be bothered getting it repaired? say 20? forgot to say, the problem is one of those red ring problems, I have the one with 2 lights
  6. with the price reduction I have had a private messgae also. looks a like a fight will ensue haha
  7. due to time wasters i am now offering this at 80, good xmas pressie maybe haha?
  8. 100 I have moved strap lock myself for better balance whilst standing to play hence the price. pics available via e-mail, not sure how to display them here. list your e-mail address if you are interested. I'll deliver in a 20 mile radius of aberdeen
  9. Dell Dimension 3000 desktop PC + keyboard and mouse. Disc drive doesn't register discs last time i checked. 50 Dell 720p Photo printer 30 Epiphone Thunderbird IV bass, modified strap lock position. 90 (+bag 120) 20 Watt practice amp 40 buy bass and amp together 150 Some Xbox 360 and Wii games: Wii: Supermonkey ball banana blitz 5 Manhunt 2 5 Tomb Raider Anniversary 5 Red Steel 5 15 for all. Xbox 360: Lego Indiana Jones the original adventures 5 Need for Speed Shift 5 Soulcalibur IV 5 Mirrors Edge 5 Battlefield Bad Company 5 Left 4 Dead 5 Naughty Bear 10 Halo1+2 5 Halo3 5 40 for all I'll deliver everything within the city.
  10. hey guys i'm pretty clueless at buying computers and that. Anyone know which websites offer good deals on laptops, i'm not looking for anything terribly fancy around 500-600. I only use for storing music, playing shitty graphic games, watching tv programmes etc. thanks
  11. Includes the bag for it worth 50. The strap lock has been moved position to match the Gibson model. 150 I'll provide photos to anyone's e-mail i usually have trouble posting pics on here.
  12. I have an Epiphone Thunderbird sitting doing nothing. I would sell it for 150 as I have modified it so that it's easier to play standing up. It has the bag aswell which is worth around 40-50 anyway. I'll send pics if you're interested. PM me your e-mail address if interested.
  13. hahaha yeah I ended up getting one from ebay back in '07 if anyone was interested
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