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  1. Hey man. I'll take the TU-2 off your hands.
  2. Rumours abounding of a new Ryan Adams album... If New Moon is a patch on Open Your Heart it'll be pretty awesome.
  3. Can only echo Chris' sentiments... Really enjoyed that last night and thought that [ ], Orienteering and Cara were all on top form last night as well. PUNX.
  4. Oh... and the EP is now streaming here:- dasmcmanus.bandcamp.com
  5. Can only echo the words of Mr. Jerk... Was great fun to play, brilliant to see so many people in the shop and, even better, great to see a bunch of people buying up some CDs as well. Our initial batch of EPs all went today but, more importantly, as a result, it meant that One Up got a big boost in their takings. Happy day all round.
  6. While The View's December tour maybe sold out the size of venues they are playing aren't comparable to the AECC at all. December 18 - Dunfermline Glen Pavillion's capacity is 600; December 19 - O2 ABC Glasgow's capacity is 1,362; December 21 - Fat Sam's capacity is around 1,000 depending on which set of google results you look at. That's their home-town; Rather bizarrely, they make no mention of the Hogmany gig on their website either. The View were being billed as the "headline" act as well weren't they? White Lies have had a bit of a year to forget as well from what I'd read in terms of their second album sales when measured against their first album? A real shame for the local acts who were selected if it doesn't go ahead but you've really got to wonder at the thought process of DF with this one in terms of the line-up (i.e. the non-local acts), price and location. Also, if they are offering tickets at half-price now, will they be refunding half of the cost to anyone who may have already purchased tickets?
  7. ... to join an ambitious, established, four-piece band with dedicated rehersal facilities. Our sound is, essentially, a mix of classic rock with bits of punk and indie thrown in for good measure. Interested? Drop me a PM.
  8. Rather looking forward to this one - should be at least one new tune in our set which we've been working on since our Lemon Tree return and we're planning a bit of a whirlwind run through our 'rockier' numbers before we head off on our little mini-tour next week. Copies of our debut EP, 'Truth About Stories', will be on sale during the evening at a princely 4. www.stateroadten.co.uk State Road Ten | Facebook
  9. Must spread, etc. Bang on the money on both fronts - specifically around the interaction between engineer and band front.
  10. I suspect that the lack of updates on their website is maybe due to the, relatively, recent change in ownership/management. I know that the lassie that ran the place previously was really keen on having bands booked in and recognised that it was an integral part of the Globe's weekend trade. I'm not sure if the new management treat it with quite the same level of importance but the place will be booked up til the end of the year by now.
  11. I was convinced when I walked past Drummonds for the night that the latest STV footage is taken from it was showing a 4/5 door fee as well? Edit: Just checked the Facebook event for that one - it was a door fee of 4.
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