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  1. Watching Loose Women eh...quality TV there Del At least Ringo was getting paid to be on it...watching it is another matter:laughing: On the subject though, I don't think rock stars are any different to old people of any entertainment vocation footballers, film stars etc. There's some who retain dignity whilst others go OTT for attention and lose reality. The problem is that there are limited new stars to take away the reliance on the nostalgia of those icons which still dominate. Look at the heavy rock scene with Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Metallica still the headliners and crowd pullers but still using the now stale and cliched formula that got them there.
  2. Excellent stuff, great quality apart fae Jamie and his nasty nasal habits
  3. Harrison wrote it Clapton misread it...classic I almost saw them at the Glasgow Apollo in 79 Back To The Egg but was a tad young and didn't get my arse in gear. Mary Jane as a cover, you brave man. And no I don't think that makes you a Tribute Band that would mean The Beatles were an Isley Brothers tribute band for Twist and Shout ha ha. Plus it's not exactly predicable... And I hope there is a masterpiece around the corner too. His best solo work is when in turmoil e.g. Band On The Run and post Mills. Contented Macca = going through the motions with the occasional classic dropped in.
  4. There's not often I come across something new to me about The Beatles..congratulations Superb song, love the bassline, melody and guitar work. Short and sweet
  5. I know his stuff has been patchy with the early 70s stuff prob the best (Ram and Band on The Run) but his last two albums have been really good (interesting and fresh). He suffers through his lack of quality control rather than ability coupled with his range of output (kids pap to Classical to ambient and all points inbetween). Live he is outstanding, really great show and it really shows his quality. I think he gets a really raw deal IHMO. Ringo did come up with titles and lines in songs which were cool (e.g. Hard Days Night, Tomorrow Never Knows and some lines from Eleanor Rigby). Quite why he got a credit for Flying is beyond me...unless it was generosity. Forgot Cry For A Shadow from the Sheridan session in Hamburg which is Harrison/Lennon.
  6. And to muddy the waters even more, the credits were originally McCartney/Lennon on Please Please Me single and album (although the first single was Lennon/McCartney) and McCartney used the McCartney/Lennon credits for all the Beatles tracks on Wings Over America back in 1976 but nobody made a big deal about it. Oh and Flying was the only group credited track with one other notable exception to the normal credits being What Goes On which was Starkey/Lennon/McCartney.
  7. Ha ha there you go, whilst my first lot were all originals...I think
  8. Methinks you are as the thread did not specify "written by", it is open to interpretation...and as a Beatles fan of 35 years and counting.I am well aware of the who wrote what ta very much. But as I'm off tae see Macca for the 4th time in my life love and peace fills my Fab Thumbs Aloft world...I'll let you off :up: 8-)
  9. Rather excellent choice sir
  10. Just now it's Money (That's What I Want) Something Nowhere Man Here, There and Everywhere Hey Bulldog
  11. A few, mostly old but hey good songs.... Higher and Higher - Jackie Wilson Move On Up - Curtis Mayfield Fight For Your Right - Beastie Boys Be Good To Yourself - Frankie Miller Hey Ya - OutKast Valerie - Amy Winehouse Respect - Aretha Franklin Highway to Hell - AC/DC Rock Lobster - B-52s Good Vibrations - Beach Boys Can't Buy Me Love - The Beatles A Minha Menina - The Bees Fishermans Blues - Waterboys 1999 - Prince Lady Marmalade - LaBelle Dance To The Music - Sly & The Family Stone Walk This Way - Run DMC/Aerosmith I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor - Arctic Monkeys Ace of Spades - Motorhead I Got You (I Feel Good) - James Brown Electric Feel - MGMT I Want You To Want Me - Cheap Trick Pencil Full Of Lead- Paolo Nutini Ma & Pa - Fishbone ......OK I'll stop there
  12. Portsoy is the main shop Iain Lyons still bides in Buckie
  13. I used to have a single by The Misfits recorded for Aberdeen Student Charity Campaign which featured a version of The Beatles You Won't See Me and was released mid 60s. Lost it somewhere along the line... I've seen the aforementioned Johnny & The Copycats on one or two of their reunion gigs in Buckie plus bumped into Mecco, the guitarist, in Tesco last week. Some trivia...they supported The Beatles in Glasgow and Edinburgh in 1964 plus Elton John played on some of their My Dear Watson stuff. Hendrix watched them at a club in London and Geno Washington used to jam with them. I've got the EE's Fit Like, New York which is about the only book I've seen that covers the music scene up here.
  14. Glad to be of service, he just finished the album a couple of months ago and plans gigging as soon as.
  15. There's a band in the Keith area led by Cammy Jamieson called Roads to Damascus which have just recorded a prog opus: http://www.roadstodamascus.co.uk/ I have heard tell of a young band in Banff that play Rush covers...so another potential prog band may be in the offing
  16. As long as they put on a decent performance and gain plaudits they can't be treading water. In fact if they do, they are finished.
  17. Just stumbled on this excellent review of The Xcerts at King Tuts: Flood of Red/The Xcerts, King Tuts, Glasgow - Herald Scotland | Arts & Ents | Music Reviews
  18. Spot on with your observations. I'll also mention the usual suspects Coldplay, Oasis, Robbie Williams, Maria Carey and anything from shit TV contests and their associated svengalis and add Lily Allen, that scrakey 5 Million Bicycle chick....and Garry Glitter.
  19. About mid way to Forres from Elgin on the right (about 2 miles from Alves)...there is a sign post. Then there's a single track road and it's about half a mile up there over a bridge. No bus home to Aberdeen methinks. But it is a decent venue, with a bar and can be an experience! Aye Hog...and worse still, it and Joanna's are still the destination of choice for the sheep on the piss...probably Lee still goes to Jo's too
  20. Better off at The Loft... Downtown Sucks Satan's cock
  21. I have no objection to anyone playing the Loft, indeed the more the merrier. It's a great wee venue as is The Warehouse in Lossiemouth and for acoustic sets The Red Shoes in Elgin.
  22. That's clutching at straws (farm ha ha). The venue is called The Loft and is in East Grange and technically listed under Kinloss but ...would Edinburgh not have been a more obvious choice (in Scotland anyway) or even Elgin
  23. To be a pedant...it's not really Forres, The Loft is on a farm midway between Forres and Elgin (which to be fair is probably weirder). And there's been a few decent bands playing there including Drunken Public (Levellers), Hayseed Dixie, Delays...and comedian Jason Byrne to name but 4...but it shows that Ash are not exactly in the ascendancy of their career. Good wee venue though
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