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Anyone been to Norway?

Memphis Skyline

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Guest idol_wild

Yeah, take plenty money by all accounts.

I've never been but have heard good and bad things about the place. I think the beer is expensive and tipping for drinks in a bar is generally custom.

However, said bars are often open until the very wee hours in the morning...

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i ended up in Norway a couple summers ago with work and have to admit it was a fantastic place to visit.

We took a local youth group to Hokkshund region and it was just beautiful, you should definately try and spend some time in the countryside if possible.

Doind anything will cost you a fortune, and im pretty sure it must cost even more by now!

Be prepaired for 2 bottles of coke and 3/4 cups of coffee.

If you smoke its maybe an idea to take a few packs with you to last your stay.

The one thing i would urge you to visit is a creepy art gallery in Vestfossen about 30 mins from Oslo. The art is inspired by black metal and there really is some messed up stuff on display.

My favourite artist was a chap who painted with a severed hand he had donated to him.

Can't remember the chaps name!

Anyway, i hope you have a fantastic trip to Norway!

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I was in Stavanger last year for a few days. It was really nice and we took a boat into the Fjords which was breathtaking. The weather was really good too which was surprising.

Also if you are a wine drinker then be prepared as you cannot buy it in regular shops. They have a wine monopoly and it costs so much to buy from there. You can buy in the airport's Duty Free and you'll save a lot of money.

Eating and drinking out is generally very expensive however its just something you have to put up with in Norway, but it was such a nice place.

Have a good time.

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I was kinda seeing a girl from Stavanger for a while, house parties are big over there, they tend to hit the bars and clubs boozed up pretty late. Watch out for randoms walkin about picking up drinks that are left lying, they don't think anything of barging past you either so don't be offended!! Also went out for a mexican one night and the mains courses were 25+ and coronas cost 8, told the bitch she could have a starter and tap water. Im making it sound a shit place but i loved every minute over there :up:

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Oslo is lovely.

If you haven't already booked your flight, make sure that it's Torp Airport and not the other one that is 2 hours bus from Oslo.

Very expensive... only take a taxi if you have to.

I've been under the impression that Torp is the one that is 2 hours away by bus? That's the airport we're going to and i'd already made plans for catching the bus...

Hmm... o_O

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Flying into the most central airport and have a rail ticket to the centre of Oslo. I'm really lucky the way it is working out as I have a special pass of sorts that gets me free public transport and access to museums etc. Also have a ski pass. So it's just the food and drink that's going to sting me. Can't wait though.

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