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  1. To be fair the only time i've saw Aberdeen slashing prices is against lower league opposition in the League Cup midweek or the "Bring a friend" games towards the end of the season, when they're bottom six with nothing to play for. It would be interesting to price tickets at 15 an adult / 5 under 16's against the likes of Dundee Utd, Hibs or Hearts to see the demand. They havent released season ticket sales but i presume they're down again, so they're obviously losing the die-hard element which is the most worrying part.
  2. Some fans simply dont have the choice, a day out at the football is now too expensive for some people.
  3. You sound like the west coast media. Its an easy dig to take at Aberdeen fans "Stuck in the past", "Unrealistic expectations" etc. Not one of my mates ever mentions the 80s and not going because we're not successful anymore. Aberdeen were still averaging the highest attendances, outwith the Old Firm, well after 1983. I'd take a guess at most males attend the football for a way of relaxing, socialising with their mates and getting out at the house at the weekend. Whether it be watching the SPL or Highland League. As i said before prices are far exceeding the product nowdays, until that changes attendances will continue to fall.
  4. Pittodrie holds 22,000so im sure they wouldnt struggle for seats even if they introduced a similar deal. Lets face it though, its not going to happen.
  5. It does to an extent, its all relevant.The girlfriend and I were at a loose end on Satuday so decided to go to Pittodrie for a change. I was 46 for the two of us to get in, now i dont have any kids but is that really going to attract your average family if you're lookin at over 100 (when you take into account food, petrol, programmes etc) for a family of 4. They've simply been priced out. Hartlepool stated that if they guarenteed 4000 season ticket sales they would set the price at 100, down from 300-400. It can be done. I know for a fact alot of my mates would buy a season ticket for that price, it would be worth it even if they werent going to manage every game. The whole pricing structure needs to be looked at. The product simply isnt worth the price right now and its glaringly obvious to everyone.
  6. Take Thats "Said It All" reminds me of one of the most amazing times in my life. I've faked orgasm with 3 different women. I cried at My Girl at 9 then Pay It Forward at 18. I've never understood the fascination with Blade Runner. I prefer to watch Soccer Saturday than live football.
  7. Everyone loves a list, my top 5 American TV series: 1. 24 2. Entourage 3. The Shield 4. Prison Break 5. Sons of Anarchy Breaking Bad, Mad Men and The Wire were too slow paced for liking. Loved both The American Office and The Office. My thoughts on Heroes are the same as everyone elses in this thread. Gave up on Lost. FlashFoward has been decent in parts but its probably best it isn't getting a second season. I've also enjoyed How I Met Your Mother, Curbs, How To Make It in America and the new V is bearable. Got Homicide: Life on The Streets & Supernatural on dvd that i haven't watched yet.
  8. You mean Aberdeen? Or more specifically Bucksburn? o_O
  9. A quiet Christmas for me, head out to the folks house. Then Phuket for New Year, chill in the sun for 10 days.
  10. Damn, was looking forward to this. Everyone into Position soundtracked my walk around town today. No doubt i'll be working on the rescheduled date.
  11. Always been a fan of Rendezvous @ Nargile on Forest Avenue. Great Turkish food and its a stylish little restaurant for a meal with your chick! Share the Meze to start with,
  12. Had it for a week or so and its grown on me. Agree its better than Puzzle which i found a tad sickly. The thing i probably like about Biffy the most is all their albums are pretty strong throughout. Shock Shock & Whores are my favourites at the moment. Still not as good as Blackened Sky or Vertigo of Bliss but as strong as Infinity Land imo.
  13. The majority of bigger bands i see nowadays play their first song then rip straight into the second one before acknowledging the crowd. The 2nd song usually being a heavier crowd favourite.
  14. I have yourself in a tasty top of the table clash after the internationals! I think i've actually took more interest in my fantasy football team than the Dons this season!!
  15. It would certainly bring a whole new meaning to Soccer AM's 3rd Eye! Ba-boom-boom-tish!
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