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  1. Afraid i can't work out how to post pictures. Want to pm me your e-mail? Thanks, Rob
  2. 7 string virgin for sale. Hardly been played and still in great condition. Black with fixed bridge. Will throw in a spare set of strings and lead. Thanks, Rob
  3. 6ft pub pool table for sale. Recently recovered with new cushions and blue felt. Base has usual scuffs from age and size. Coin slot and ball return still work nicely Can arrange for cheap delivery. Thanks, Rob
  4. 32 inch Samsung LCD TV £140 ono Comes with an unused arm-bracket. Bought around christmas time. Selling due to flat move. Can e-mail pictures. Thanks, Rob
  5. Anyone got one gathering dust? Thanks! Rob
  6. Highly interested! Have played the same head in rehearsals for a while now and been considering acquiring my own... Give me a PM to arrange a viewing! (unless Ronz upped his offer...) Cheers, Rob
  7. any chance you still have the fender jazz for sale?

  8. Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but got a set of 700 road bike wheels from an old peugeot if you are still after. Still have 5spd cassette fitted. Also a 26 inch pair from my old tandem, but think cassette might need a bit of effort to get off. Free to yourself or anyone who could get use from them.
  9. looking for wee bass practice amp ,nothing special. Anyone got anything?
  10. The time has come when i've started playing in a band again. Looking for a workhorse of a bass and got a wee wadge to spend on her. Anyone got anything to offer? Ta, Robert ps. considering a 5 string...
  11. ...i get it. sorry i'm unfamiliar with large rodents. ta for clearing things up Disko! It seems this bike will not accomodate stoats. Accept my appologies NefariousC! Robert
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