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Haven't been paid in almost three months and needing money so im selling some of my guitar gear... anyway, this is what i'm selling

White epiphone sg (g401) - 60

70s red semi acoustic with p90 pick ups - 70

40s-50s Framus rolyford cello shaped guitar - 70

Zoom 707 multi-effects pedal with built in wah-wah pedal - 40

Lorenzo Flame maple acoustic (no strings and needs new saddle) - 30

Yamaha fg-401 acoustic guitar - 50

Photos are available and i'm open to any haggles :up:

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white s.g is my intention

had alook arround ....can't find a 401 white ...is it the creamy white with 3 pickups ( 400 )

no matter......... it's for my daughter....if you can do pictures for approval....i can do cash....it's all a father can do...apparently

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Yeah i was quite interested in the SG too, but It'd just be a stupid buy as i really dont need another guitar... lol


weren't you selling stuff on another post????

must get my wife to read some of this stuff...persuade her it's not a mid life crisis

and that i am just a nomal???? muso

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