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  1. Sorry, I meant single or twin speakers.....:(
  2. single of twin for the AD30?
  3. jeez might struggle. there might be a chance. I don;t have a turntable but could do an amp old mission amp and speakers for around 120 or so. Amp needs used as it's been sitting. The speakers look a bit rough but sound good MA R352's
  4. Got an amp and some speakers. How much is the budget?
  5. Hi folks, got a TV yellow JR for sale. Single cut TVY c/w P90. Looking for around £290 for it. Cheers B
  6. Very very nice:) You've got some cracking basses min.
  7. I used to have one of these. Nice amps mate.
  8. Nope. Still for sale. sorry for the delay in getting back to your question.
  9. Hi, Thanks for the link. It's a nice junior, but just the same model as I already have in tobacco sunburst. I was hoping for a CS or VOS with cash from me. Cheers Bri
  10. A well set up Studio is a fine guitar. However, do you not fancy a minty SG in the real colour for an SG?
  11. Interesting. What model etc? I know a single cut, but there are a few different models going around out there.
  12. Hello Any interest in one of these? http://www.gak.co.uk/en/marshall-1974x-handwired-18w-1x12-combo-amp/4380?gclid=CIz98PmhgcsCFTUz0wodn90PNg looking for £800. Also got the matching ext cab which I could bundle for a bit more cash. Trades...could be interested in gibson single cut juniors or ricky 6's
  13. Beasts of amps these. Heavy as a black hole.
  14. The thing is I actually thought you wrote something funny....is a strange kinda way. I presumed you were not serious see.
  15. Sorry, but my humour is intact. Just that your post was not that funny.
  16. WTF! Should this not be in the 'jokes' thread?
  17. So lets see. they posted on Facebook that someone found a phone in their bar. I think that's good. The guy then makes a pitch by saying to try the beer and food. So is there something wrong with trying to get people to buy/try your product? Nothing shameful in trying to keep yourself in a job as long as it's not at the cost of slagging off your workmates to keep your own job. Maybe another Scottish/NE trait?
  18. Not really sure what the fuss is about with Brewdog. I Don;t really like the beer to be honest. However, I think it might be a typical Scottish thing that we don't like others to get on and have money etc.
  19. Finally got a Princeton 65 RI. sounds very nice.
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