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  1. I am not sure if this will work since your dry input (guitar presumably) and wet (stompbox) have completely different impedance and level. You probably need to normalise this by putting in some opamps here and there.
  2. I have the EMU 0202 older model. Not at all happy with it because the Vista driver is crap and makes my laptop crash regularly. It does work ok with my Mac. Would advise against it, just in case you ever want to use it with Vista as well. Then again, if you are not, PM me if you want to buy mine for little!
  3. Ok.... Lucky SamL4 didn't ask about wiring an 8 speaker cab.
  4. There is actually a difference between SeriesParallel (pairs in parallel wired as series) and ParallelSeries (pairs in series wired as parallel). Eg, if one speaker fails in SeriesParallel you have 3 left, whereas if 1 fails in ParallelSeries you have 2 left. Not sure if that is the reason, but i read somewhere that SeriesParallel is more common.
  5. 2009 sessionette Hi Graham - Funnily enough i was just looking for the same - there are always several going on ebay, usually tatty 80's ones but occasionally also the mid-90s reissue. But you can also get what is in effect a 2009 Sessionette: get a JD-10 pre-amp from Award Session. This is in effect a modernised version of the preamp of the old sessionette, and then you buy a Tech 21 PowerEngine which is a linear power amp and cab. Put together you basically have a sessionette but then all new. Let me know if you want to try my JD-10 out, i think you'll like it as well. Karel
  6. But they do sell mid-range and expensive gear. The reason most these Gibsons, Tokais and Duesenberg have gone now is that they were sold (i know because i bought one myself 3 or 4 weeks ago). If you don't have the stock you are 100% certain you wont sell anything. Besides, what is there against eye-candy? Great way to have people visit your shop regularly.. works for me at least..
  7. They'll be off to Edinburgh then. Cheers Karel
  8. Found these in the cupboard, not needing them anymore as i sold all my EL34 amps: Matched quartet of Electro Harmonix EL34 valves. ... Can obviously also be used as 2 sets!! Two valves have been very lightly used (maximum 1 hour), the other two have never been used. New price in the order of 50 (ref here), looking for 35 PM me if interested Cheers Karel.
  9. Jd10 Award Session JD-10 is a forgotten hidden gem. It is essentially the pre-amp of a Sessionette. You can use it as DI box, as pre-amp for any crap-sounding transistor amp or as overdrive stomp box. They sometimes pop up on ebay (as Award Session or in the States as Morley JD-10). You can also still buy them new from Steward Ward for about 100.
  10. Nobody will just give away money to support a local business man. The only reason R&B's still exists is because, as Britheguy perfectly noted, "Music folks tend to buy and sell gear on a whim" ... (i know exactly what me means!) So R&B's should cater for that by having a nice stock of goodies and indeed by keeping the second hand market strong. Maybe they should open an ebay shop for second hand items as well?
  11. Ah ok that makes sense. Just that i miss the goodies like all the Gibsons, Tokais, Duessenbergs that used to be there. Does make me wonder what is best for R&B's: selling one 2000 guitar or selling 10 200 guitars?
  12. Is it just me or is there something seriously wrong with R&B's? I haven;t seen any new stock in ages. It's all the same guitars and amps as a year ago and sold items are not replaced for new ones (except for guitar straps, there seem to be loads of these). Credit crunch problems?
  13. Sold The Orange amp has now been sold on Ebay. Thanks for viewing this >145 times.. pretty useless though it was...
  14. I am selling my lovely Orange Rocker 30. 1x12 combo with 30 very loud watts, it's been gigged in places like the Globe, the volume never needed to go past 11:00. Specs can be found here It's got a whopping 9.4 for sound quality on Harmony Central (see here) Used and gigged but as new condition and full working order. Comes with brand new valves and a footswitch (new 20) Looking for 500, pretty much non-negotiable since this is what they tend to fetch on ebay and it will go on there soon, if not sold here. PM me if interested. Cheers Karel
  15. Nope my friend, i checked with Framus and they said, and i quote: Framus never built a guitar called Rolyford. Don't mind you being ignorant, but don't try to sell it as a Framus when it is, quite clearly, a cheap copy made of recycled toilet rolls...
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