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  1. Anybody got any synths/Drum machines for sale, wanting some new equipment
  2. I'm a welder so using blow torches and hand grinders all the time so looking for something to play music with at really high levels when needed, Wanting something i can plug my headphones slot into, Anybody got anything or able to point me in the right direction?
  3. Nah just an sd-1 and I all ready read you're not wanting boss haha
  4. Zoom 707 multi effects pedal? older version, can get some amazing sounds out of them
  5. Hi, Can I have my username changed to Localboylost please cheeeeerz
  6. As I said.. Cheap tuner pedal wanted
  7. Sorted with an electro harmonix cathedral!
  8. It says you can't recieve any new messages, you be available tonight?
  9. S Sorry to say but that has got to be the ugliest guitar I've seen in my life haha, think I'll pass
  10. Might be interested in an acoustic
  11. Mexican Sunburst strat 2004/2005 model in good condition, Mail me with any offers anybody has got that are sensible and of similiar value
  12. Away to buy an ipad soon and now thinking bout getting keys for it, anybody know if you can get good piano and synth sounds out of it and software to recommend, any advice would be good
  13. If you've still got this I'll be in touch at end of the month
  14. Black rebel, black keys, the view, johnny marr, Miles kane, The coral etc are our influences (usual indie/rock bands) don't have any idea what kinda sound we're going for yet, looking for somebody under 25 with a decent voice to sing our songs, PM me with recordings if possible
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