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Guest Jake Wifebeater

"There's a kid on the way, but she's upset about losing her figure".

Oh my fucking Jesus. I'm surprised he managed to find it among the folds in the fat bastard bitch.

Offensively ugly people shouldn't be allowed to breed. Seriously. Sew them up or something.

Not :up:

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Guest treader.

I'm confused.

He said "so glad I waited until marriage to lose my virginity" and then later says "There is a kid on the way, which is why I married her"

So either it's not his or he shagged her pre-marriage.

Either way, he's a fucking stupid dumb cunt.

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Guest Exposure @ Lemon Tree

It's surely not the real husband doing the posting though... (EDIT: You got in there before me...)

You would need some serious heavy machinery to hang that fucker upside down to find it though....

Or as the last post (when I read it) on the thread says, roll it in flour and aim for the wet bit...


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