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According to my Ipod Danananaykroyd's "Some Dresses" is my most played song :up:

It does make the walk to work more enjoyable.

Still have to see them with new line up. The You tube videos i've seen with the new singer (old drummer?) haven't filled me with much joy though. A backward step perhaps... :down:

Looking forward to being proved wrong in April/May.

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Guest idol_wild

They played up here last year and put on a brilliant show.

It's just a massive shame it wasn't promoted and 11 people turned up.

I'm looking forward to the record, but I get more out of them in a live capacity.

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I saw them on that short lived scottish music tv show and thought they were fucking awful, the stupid annoying name just made me even less interested.

This is what I thought.

...but I keep hearing such good things, but, I'm genuinely scared to listen because people who've said they're good said they were good on that programme and they just... weren't.

I should probably give them a chance, though.

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