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[GIG] Electropapknit #4: Stig Noise Sound System + Copy HaHo + Yoko. Oh No! @ Tunnels

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Electropapknit are delighted to bring long time favourates, Stig Noise Sound System to the Tunnels. An absolute belter of a band, mixing elements of jazz, rock, noise and experimental electronics in a perfect blend of excellence.


In support will be local hotties Copy HaHo.


Also in support will be Yoko. Oh No! 8 Bit Glitchy Dance material from Glasgows Gay Against You.


Also another PVH/Electopapknit DJ set to follow the night....tunes from bands like:

Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Les Savy Fav, Caribou, Weezer, Noxagt, Built to Spill, Butthole Surfers, Battles, Coachwhips, Pavement, Usaisamonster, Bjork, Enon, Jaga Jazzist, Devo and a whole lot more!


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I really liked Gay Against You's recorded stuff but had heard that there live show was shit. I asked someone in Glasgow who'd seen them a couple of times and this was the reply:

"Man, who on earth told you GvY do a shit live show? hahaha. I've seen them twice now and honestly its been unbelievably awesome both times. The second time I saw them was when they played with Eats Tapes at Sleazys and honestly its one of the best shows i've ever seen - they started playing in the toilets!"

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they are such a fucking shit band

a band for pretentious chin stroking ATP attendees who feel the need to be "zany"

there is no LOL here

Haha your such a miserable cunt sometimes. Whats wrong with a bit of fun alongside music?. Dancin, dressin like a tit, visuals, whatever... bands have been doing it for years!!.

Also i'm confused as to what ATP has to do with anything. You put on lightning bolt in Aberdeen who i'm pretty sure have played ATP just about the most of all. I mean 3 times in one weekend for a start. Are you a pretentious chin stroker too?

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Aye Soophie Nun were shite though. I'm not keen on all GvY's music but I really like the song triple schipol and some of the other stuff I've heard. Also they are a hard working band who tour frequently(on there myspace says tours in november/december/january/february/march including euro and scandinavian). You may not like there music but 'shit band' is harsh.

Anyway this is getting far away from the point of this post. This band aren't even playing.

Come to the gig.

It will be great times!!!!

Sexy times!!!!

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