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[GIG] Electropapknit #4: Stig Noise Sound System + Copy HaHo + Yoko. Oh No! @ Tunnels

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Have you been to ATP before? It's just one big battle of 'indie-than-thou'.

I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something unbelievable pretentious about it.

Simply amazing festival though!

Yes i've been to it three times now. The Slint one, Mars Volta One and the Shins/Sleater kinney/Dinosaur Jr one. Had a great time all times. Maybe you picked a bad one to go to. Sure some of its pretentious. But I guess anything that aims to be "alternative" or arty in some way is going to be to some degree.

Anyway back to the show. I've been hearing great things about the Stig Noise tour so far. They had some car troubles and got stranded in London but assure me that they're gonna make it here in plenty time for the show. Phew!!. Its gonna be sweet.

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I enjoyed last night

Copy haho,really enjoyed them.Made the awkward silences between songs almost worth it when they started a new song.Wish they would hurry up and release something new.

Yoko Oh no-Really fun, wouldnt go out my to see him again but was enjoyable to say the least.Just what the gig needed too.

Stigg Noise Sound System-Good tunes,good fun, good times

I hope more people are going to come out their hovels to go see charlottefield.

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