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  1. LOS CRIPIS Anarcho-pop weirdos from Argentina. Art punks do para-garage to soundtrack yr falling apart. The Shaggs meets The Raincoats meets The Velvet Underground. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BK1dUOHqUBA LUSH PURR Dreamy avante-garde fuzzing, weirdo pop meanderings, lofi noise from Glasgow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dz8r9gbBKA At The Vulture Lounge (Formerly Cellar 35) Doors 8pm Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1765048917108804/
  2. Download Jean Thumb for frrrrrreeeeeeee http://theyawnsband.bandcamp.com/track/jean-thumb
  3. In January The Yawns(membs. Copy Haho/PVH/Battery Face/Microscopic Talents/Household) will have their debut self titled album out on Cassette from Manchester label Giant Hell and out on Vinyl from London based Records Records Records. The pre order for the vinyl is up now. http://recordshop.greedbag.com/buy/the-yawns/ To accompany these new releases they will be playing 8 dates across the UK. They are also playing the Hogmanay Bash at Stereo. The dates are as follows: December 31st - Stereo, Glasgow Hogmanay Bash January 19th Henry Cellars Bar, Edinburgh 20th Kraak Gallery, Manchester 21st The Old Blue Last, London 22nd Sheffield TBC 23rd Wharf Chambers, Leeds 24th The Basement, York 25th Shacklewell Arms, London 26th 13th Note, Glasgow https://www.facebook.com/itstheyawns http://theyawnsband.bandcamp.com/
  4. The first Aberdeen show Electropapknit have put together in many years!! We managed to blast this together in under a day with help from our friends and the lineup is awesome!! Battery Face return to the homeland for the first time since 2011 when they played 2 mighty shows with Les Savy Fav and Take a Worm for a Walk Week. The mighty [ ]wall[ ] who we had up in Glasgow a few months back and rocked our socks off and the recently reformed two piece noisesters everythingwesayisfact complete the Stonehaven Trilogy!! Invite your friends! BOOM! https://www.facebook.com/events/174633386010813/
  5. "WOW HOW REFRESHING! I LOVE YOU xo" R Stevie Moore "The songs on their debut sound like they have been written by a band with several years of gigging together, honing their sound before heading to the studio to lay down all that they have pieced together along the way, hence the feeling of effortlessness and confidence that breathes amongst the music. The reality is that they recorded this in a garage, and have played two gigs." "The Yawns know exactly how to construct and nail a great pop song." Gold Flake Paint "If i was to say what tracks stand out for me, i can’t. Listen to the whole thing as it was meant to be enjoyed. Relax, stick on a pair of headphones not earphones. Get the best quality this album deserves. Sink in, absorb, respect and admire." Fishinasub.com - Band of the Week
  6. New album out now on Electropapknit and Cath Records! Like all other Electropapknit releases this is a pay what you like download theyawnsband.bandcamp.com The Yawns includes members of Stonehaven bred bands Copy Haho, Battery Face, PVH. Thanks
  7. Free to download now! "fast references to noise rock that are rhythmically irresistible and blessed by an explosive power that blasts out continuously. Everything roars, from the drums, to the guitars where the sound staggers about the strings like a drunk, while remaining in constant equilibrium, producing moments that are unembellished and scratched by that tormented magic of the 1970s." YOUTHLESSfanzine "an energetic fusion of acerbic art-punk and dense synth pop. Their ability to slide from water-tight, turn-on-a-dime riffs into frenzied free noise is remarkable" The Skinny
  8. Aberdeenshire exports Battery Face have a new album out on the 30th July 2012 titled Addams Family Values. It will be available in a self designed arigato pak and also free download. You can pre order it here now http://electropapknit.bandcamp.com/album/addams-family-values To accompany the release is a video for the song ,Lurch, off the album. The video was made by friend and fellow Aberdonian Michael MacLennan aka SUBSISTY! Check it out and love. Cheers
  9. Woohoo i'm excited to say i'll be playing guitar with KMvsNI at this show. Off the hook!!!
  10. We used wegottickets.com for duracell. It works kinda like booking a megabus with the code instead of a ticket.
  11. I also shoulda put up the pre tour aberdeen show. Teenage Lust clubnight kids. Copy Haho, Some Young Pedro, PVH and TUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNEEEEESSS. Saturday the 15th at the tunnels. Aye
  12. Here are the dates for the upcoming PVH tour. 19th Head of Steam, Newcastle 20th Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes w/Action Beat 21st The Hope, Brighton w/Zettasaur, Foxxes 22nd Maison de Quartier TURENNE, Reims, France w/Amber Daybreak/Love me tender 23rd London Secret House Party 24th The Junction, Bristol, England w/Tractor/Mongolia/ End The Agony 25th Clwb Ifor Bach, cardiff, Wales w/KLING KLANG/Brown Wings 28th Brussels, Belgium w/Action Beat 29th The Papermill, Dorentrup, Germany w/The Innits
  13. Yeah it was ace. Thanks to everyone who made it out to the show. Shame there wasn't a few more people but ah well. Charlottefield sounded awesome!!!.
  14. Yup this tuesday it is. ACCCCCEEEE!!! I'm well excited. Not seen charlottefield since we played with them in Brighton in Summer and they kicked arses. Anyone into Charlottefield might be interested in this too. Check out this thread http://www.aberdeen-music.com/forums/music-discussion/46695-ned.html#post636301 Check out Ned and leave your thoughts. It'd be ace if you could. I really wanna get them to Aberdeen.
  15. and I just found this video which is rather sweet
  16. I'm thinking of putting on a band from Lyon, France called Ned. Since the last couple of gigs we put on have had low turnouts I just wanted to see how many people might be interested in checking them out?. It's not til next year like but... Listen to them at MySpace.com - Ned - Lyon, FR - Rock / Psychedelic / Punk - www.myspace.com/nedskrecords. Here's the blurb: Ned (Sk Records) -- are as close to Lyon's Fugazi as you're going to get. The leaders of the punk scene, putting on DIY shows and festivals, running the awesome SK records and touring the world. Musically, they also take the lead from Washington DC, with tightly wound spiky post-punk. Like a political Q and Not U with a crazier, improvised noisy side. I booked them a tour last year, and they were brilliant, and one of the funnest live bands I've seen. Cheers
  17. cool thanks for the offers of poster helping. that'd be very much appreciated. posters and fliers should be printed today so will try get some to you dudes somehow.
  18. This will probably be not only the last pvh gig of the year but probably the last electropapknit of the year too cos we're all skint.
  19. **Charlottefield(Brighton) www.myspace.com/charlottefield** If you've not heard of Charlottefield where have you been?!!. One of the best UK underground bands around today. Putting there own swerve on there comparisons to the likes of Television, The Fall and much of the washington DC scene. With a Peel session under there belt and releases on noticable DIY labels such as Fat Cat, Johnson Family Records and Noisestar, Charlottefield have worked hard to get the respect they have today. Come check out them out. You won't be dissapointed. oh and the drummer has a FANTASTIC beard **PVH(Stonehaven) www.myspace.com/projectvenhell** Valentine Bitch's own noisy wankers. Recently toured with the one man Lightning Bolt, Andre Duracell. Distorted keyboard smash your face and pop up your life zuperman action. **Shutter(Inverness) www.myspace.com/shutterscotland** Dark, heavy, hypnotic, post rock. With big riffs interspersed with intricate entwined guitar twangs. Awesome build it up and knock you over type sounds. They've shared the stage with the likes of Deftones, Pelican, Red Sparowes & Aereogramme.
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