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It is quite a lot of pizza, but if there's two of you getting 2 large pizza's and 2 garlic breads or something for like 8 quid each, it's a pretty great deal even if you don't eat it all. Good find :up:

Is this deal nationwide? Got a Domino's in Glasgow the other night and could have got a lot more for my money if I'd known about this!

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No Domino's Delivery to my postcode as we are now out of there region...Same with pizza hut but the joke with that is its at the bottom of kings street i live in a part of b.o.d that is practically just off king street Yet again they say our postcode is out with there new operating regions.........

My favourite pizza is a pizzahut one (so shoot me lol) And im gutted they now no longer deliver to me...

PHD and Heavinly suck (sorry if that offends fans of those 2).

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The garlic mushrooms and pepperoni passion combination is a winner in my books.

The diet coke and Pepperoni and chicken strippers was for the brother and girlfriend, as I am a vegetarian.

Going for this tonight, what's the deal, do you order it online then go and collect it, or is it delivery only?
You have to order online, and you can choose to collect or have it delivered.
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