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Good Ceilidh band?

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Hi everyone

I am the newly appointed social convenor for a choir in Aberdeen, and I would like to hold some fundraising events for the choir. One idea I had is for a ceilidh, can anyone recommend a good ceilidh band based in Aberdeen? Perhaps you are in a ceilidh band and would like to volunteer your services :-)

As you can probably guess, there is very little money available in advance for payment. If I organise a ceilidh payment for the band would come from the door tax.



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most of the good ceilidh bands will be booked up for years to come. We tried to find one for our wedding a few years back, and although we wanted them for 6 months in the future we couldn't find anyone. In the end we had to pull strings with some friends.

But you might want to try :-

Gaelic Bread

Iron broo

Dark Island - (don't know if these are still going)

I'm fairly sure the first two have websites. Google 'em.



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